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Historical records

19-07-2022 Result of the option for the payment of the dividend in shares
23-06-2022 Voting Results of the Combined general meeting June 22, 2022
22-06-2022 Information on dividend with share payment option
18-05-2022 Korian’s Board of Directors proposes the appointment of a new independent director to strengthen its ESG expertise
01-06-2022 Addendum to the 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting Notice
31-05-2022 Shareholders' meeting notice - Combined General Meeting - 22 June 2022
19-05-2022 2021 Dividend submitted to the annual General Meeting : Calendar and conditions
18-05-2022 Availability and consultation of the information relating to the combined general meeting to be held on 22 June 2022
28-04-2022 Universal Registration Document 2021
23-06-2022 Presentation the the Combined General Meeting 2022

Compensation of executive corporate officers