Human commitment
Jobs unlike any others, full of purpose, meaning ans relationship
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Uncompromising quality
Our commitment to quality is at the core of our approach
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Positive Care
A positive and comprehensive approach to treatment so that each person can continue to achive sefl-fulfilment
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A lever that supports ageing well, quality of life and teatment
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Close to you
At the heart of local communities, anchored in various economic and non-profit networks
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What’s happening at Korian

Le Soin à Coeur
Our company project “In Caring Hands” by Sophie Boissard, Chief Executive Officer of Korian

"In Caring Hands" drives us every day as we continually seek more quality, more vigilance and more innovation as we serve those entrusted to us by families and loved ones.

Korian poursuit la dynamique engagée dans la professionnalisation de ses collaborateurs
image/svg+xml Korian Group
Korian continues to build on its momentum in the professionalization of its employees


In 2019, 210 qualified employees and 216 engaged in a process of validation of prior learning (VAE)


Journée Internationale des Aides-Soignants
November 26th, International Caregivers Day

Caregivers, a major role in the care of residents in our facilities.

Nouveau Pôle de Santé SSR Korian à Saintes
image/svg+xml Our Facilities
The future Korian health complex will open its doors in spring 2021

Nicolas Mérigot, CEO of Korian France Healthcare, and Bruno Perez, Regional Director of Icade Promotion for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, today broke ground on the upcoming pos...

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Numbers that speak for themselves

300 000
81 000
54 000

Going further

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