Human commitment
Jobs unlike any others, full of purpose, meaning ans relationship
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Uncompromising quality
Our commitment to quality is at the core of our approach
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Positive Care
A positive and comprehensive approach to treatment so that each person can continue to achive sefl-fulfilment
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A lever that supports ageing well, quality of life and teatment
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Close to you
At the heart of local communities, anchored in various economic and non-profit networks
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What’s happening at Korian

Collectif inclusif
image/svg+xml Le Groupe
35 entreprises du Collectif pour une économie plus inclusive en France

Le 18 décembre 2018, 13 dirigeants d’entreprises (dont Korian) ont constitué un « Collectif » pour promouvoir une économie plus inclusive.

Korian accélère le développement et la diversification de sa plateforme aux Pays-Bas grâce à deux nouvelles acquisitions
image/svg+xml Korian Group
Korian accelerates the development and diversification of its platform in the Netherlands through 2 new acquisitions

Six months after entering the Dutch market, Korian Group accelerates its growth in the Netherlands with the acquisition of two fast-growing networks and diversifies its offering...

image/svg+xml Korian Group
Korian continues to diversify with the development of new home assistance offers in Italy

The Korian group, having been operating in Italy since 2007 with a network of 62 specialised clinics and long-term care nursing homes for the elderly, is now taking a 42% stake ...

Le Soin à Coeur
image/svg+xml Korian Group
Our company project “In Caring Hands” by Sophie Boissard, Chief Executive Officer of Korian

"In Caring Hands" drives us every day as we continually seek more quality, more vigilance and more innovation as we serve those entrusted to us by families and loved ones.

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