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Coronavirus Information

In the context of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, the Korian Group has activated its Epidemic Vigilance Plan as of 25 February 2020 for all of its facilities in Europe, com...

Logo Korian
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The Korian group takes as its new graphic identity « in caring hands »

By 2030, in less than one generation, the ratio of seniors to workers in Europe will decline from 1 senior for 3 workers to 1 senior for 2 workers.

Move In Med
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Korian invests in start-up Move in Med to develop coordinated care pathways

Korian has announced that it is in exclusive negotiations with the two co-founders of the start-up Move in Med with a view to acquiring a majority shareh...

5 Santé
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Korian announces the acquisition of 5 Santé Group, a key player in the treatment of chronic diseases

Korian announces its acquisition of 5 Santé, a rapidly developing French group that specialises in the treatment of chronic diseases ...

Korian accélère le développement et la diversification de sa plateforme aux Pays-Bas grâce à deux nouvelles acquisitions
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Korian accelerates the development and diversification of its platform in the Netherlands through 2 new acquisitions

Six months after entering the Dutch market, Korian Group accelerates its growth in the Netherlands with the acquisition of two fast-growing networks and diversifies its offering...

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Korian continues to diversify with the development of new home assistance offers in Italy

The Korian group, having been operating in Italy since 2007 with a network of 62 specialised clinics and long-term care nursing homes for the elderly, is now taking a 42% stake ...

Le Soin à Coeur
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Our company project “In Caring Hands” by Sophie Boissard, Chief Executive Officer of Korian

"In Caring Hands" drives us every day as we continually seek more quality, more vigilance and more innovation as we serve those entrusted to us by families and loved ones.

Korian poursuit la dynamique engagée dans la professionnalisation de ses collaborateurs
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Korian continues to build on its momentum in the professionalization of its employees


In 2019, 210 qualified employees and 216 engaged in a process of validation of prior learning (VAE)


Journée Internationale des Aides-Soignants
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November 26th, International Caregivers Day

Caregivers, a major role in the care of residents in our facilities.