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Korian news

Visite Ministre des sports Roxana Maracineanu Hauts de Jardy
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The Minister of Sports at Les Hauts de Jardy for French Sports Celebration

Korian facilities all over France opened their doors for La Fête du Sport, France’s first official event to celebrate sport.

Korian Solutions
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Korian Solutions launch

With Korian Solutions, Korian Group accelerates its digital transformation and positions itself as a leader in the development of home care services

Clinique Korian Glanum
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Korian Glanum clinic awarded A-grade certification

Korian Glanum awarded A-grade certification by France’s national authority for health, the HAS.

Agnès Buzyn en visite dans les maisons Korian
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Korian welcomes Agnès Buzyn for the National Heatwave Plan

The Minister for Health and Solidarity met with residents and staff.

Grand prix de la mixité
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Korian wins le Grand Prix de la Mixité

Korian has received le Grand Prix de la Mixité in two categories - SBF 80 and French sectorial, Healthcare Goods and Services

Couverture - Rapport intégré
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Korian #1 Annual Report

For the first time ever, and as the Korian group turns 15 years old, we are publishing our Annual report.

Korian - UNML
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Training and integration of young people: Korian partners with UNML

Korian is recruiting and training across France. The company proposes 800 taster placements

Strategie de développement et de proximité
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Korian strengthens its healthcare services in Europe
The Korian group has just completed three new acquisitions - in Germany, Italy, and France -
Journée Nationale des Centenaires
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Korian celebrates its 2nd edition of the National Centenaries' Day

Korian introduced in 2017 in France the National Centenaries’ Day to come together and celebrate the 500 centenarians that our homes have the honour of caring for.