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Solution digitale Technosens
Korian invests in the start-up Technosens, alongside the VYV Group, to develop digital solutions that promote social links

Korian, the leading European care services group for elderly and fragile people, has signed a shareholding agreement whereby it becomes the majority shareholder of the technolog...

Livre Blanc Fondation Korian
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The Korian Foundation's new white paper "Yes, Seniors Are Helpful!" now available

Accessible to family and professional carers but also to all those interested in the issue of old age, the white paper aims to enhance the social role of people over 65.

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Let's Mobilise for Learning!

Sophie Boissard, CEO of the Korian Group, signs the newspaper column published in Les Echos on 31 August, alongside a group of 19 other managers in favour of apprenticeship

Groupe Korian mobilisé, engagé et solidaire
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Corporate Social Responsibility, Korian committed, mobilised and supportive

Korian presents its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments.

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Korian supports Medicalib in the development of the first smart assistant for home care health professionals

Korian is forging an innovative partnership with the start-up Medicalib, by taking a minority stake in the company's capital alongside its founders and Day One...

drapeau européen
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Korian inaugurates its Group's European Works Council

The Korian Group's European Works Council (EWC) officially held its inaugural meeting in Paris on Wednesday, 24 June 2020 with 36 delegates and alternates representing the Group...

Rapport financier annuel et rapport intégré
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Korian publishes its Third integrated report

The first universal registration document, which reports on Korian's activity throughout 2019, is now available.

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Coronavirus Information

In the context of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, the Korian Group has activated its Epidemic Vigilance Plan as of 25 February 2020 for all of its facilities in Europe, com...

Logo Korian
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The Korian group takes as its new graphic identity « in caring hands »

By 2030, in less than one generation, the ratio of seniors to workers in Europe will decline from 1 senior for 3 workers to 1 senior for 2 workers.