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Korian news

Signatures Ages& Vie Nancy Mathieu Klein Charles Antoine Pinel
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Shared housing for seniors: 6 houses and 40 jobs in Meurthe-et-Moselle by 2021

Signature of the commitment of Meurthe-et-Moselle in the Ages&Vie shared housing projects.

Graduation 2018
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Korian Graduation Ceremony 2018: 150 graduates honoured

Korian accelerates the launch of its training policy in response to its recruitment needs.

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Korian accelerates its expansion into the home services market with the acquisition of Petits-fils

A well-known nationwide network enhancing the Korian group’s home services offering.

La Semaine des Valeurs Korian
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Korian 'Week of Values', head office teams lived a day in the life of clinic and nursing home teams

"Live our jobs like any other" into our clinics and nursing homes.

1 in 3 women Sophie Boissard
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Korian Group engaged against gender-based violence

"One in Three Women", the first European network companies engaged against gender-based violence.

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Frederickxhof opening in Belgium

Frederickxhof, an assisted living facility and long-term care nursing home combined

Korian Mont Ventoux Certification A
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Korian clinics awarded A-grade certification by the French National Authority for Health

Four Korian post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics in France have been awarded.

Partenariat Korian CAREIT Primonial REIM
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Korian enters into partnership with CAREIT and Primonial REIM

This partnership is designed to enable the Korian group to build new facilities in France

QVT au Travail Marseille Nadege Plou Korian
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Quality of Life at Work: Our Priority

Quality of Life at Work: Korian joins regional health agency’s event in south-west France