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At the beginning of autumn, Europe entered the second wave of Covid-19 against which all our teams are mobilised to ensure the health safety of our residents and patients, but a...

Fête des centenaires
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5th edition of National Centenarian’s Day

1000 centenarians to be honoured in our European countries from June 28 to July 2, 2021

Photos collaborateurs
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Occupational Health and Prevention of Professional Risks: our priority

Korian's 4 representative trade unions signed the first company agreement on "health at work and prevention of professional risks" in the private health and medical-social secto...

Acquisition de la 3ème plateforme de santé mentale en Espagne
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Acquisition of third largest mental health platform in Spain

Korian acquires ITA Mental Health and accelerates its development of mental health activities across Europe


Innovations dans les maisons de retraite
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Digital for the elderly

Exchanging ideas, maintaining links with loved ones, having fun, preserving autonomy...

Vigilance Fraude Korian
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Fraud alert: fraudsters purporting to be Korian attempting to sell fake financial products

Korian has been informed of several fraudulent phone calls and emails purporting to be from the Group, its managers or its staff members, inviting private individuals to invest ...

Collaboratrices Korian
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International Women’s Day : Our commitments in support of women’s rights

At Korian, more than 83% of our employees are women.

programme « Défi Jeunesse
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The Korian Foundation, partner of the Alliance for Education

National education requires students in their final year of college to do a one-week observation internship in a company.

Chair Essec
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Korian, partner of the new "Business and the Common Good" research and teaching chair launched by ESSEC and ICP

Korian is very proud to be associated with Saint-Gobain, Meridiam, Bayard and Grant Thornton as a partner in the launch of the "Business and the common good" research and teachi...