Holding Malakoff Humanis
Director (represented by Anne Ramon)

Anne Ramon

Permanent representative of Holding Malakoff Humanis, Director, Chairwoman of the Ethics, Quality and CSR Committee and Member of the Investment Committee

Date of appointment: GM of 18 March 2014

Renewal date: GM of 14 June 2018
End of term: GM to approve the financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2020

A graduate of CELSA and in Political Sciences at Paris Pantheon Sorbonne University, Anne Ramon started her career in the pharmaceutical industry then in the Prime Minisiter information office. She then joined the French Committee for Healthcare Education (CFES), a public body under the authority of the Ministry of Health, where she was in charge of communication actions on AIDS prevention, working closely with patient associations, researchers and the minister’s office.

She became director of communication for Public Health France (equivalent to the UK NHS) and broadened her field of expertise to other public health related topics (tobacco, alcohol, nutrition, life accident, vaccination, etc.) as. In 2005, she was appointed Director of Communication and Patient Information for the National Cancer Institute (INCA): she participated in the creation of the Institute, in the drafting of the National Cancer Plans in connection with both the institutional and private sector stakeholders. She was also responsible for communication on cancer detection programs, patient information and relations with patient associations.

Anne Ramon joined Malakoff Médéric in 2016 as a COMEX member, Head of Brand Strategy and Communication. She works on the Group’s transformation and the renewed brand positioning. Since 1 January 2019, Anne Ramon is Head of Brand Strategy and Communication for the newly created Holding Malakoff Humanis.