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Korian Vitattiva
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Focus on Positive Care with the VITATTIVA calendar

The Vittativa Calendar celebrates the fundamental values of Korian's active living philosophy and the Positive Care approach.

Korian Castel Voltaire
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Korian Castel Voltaire Opening: a new generation digital nursing home

An innovative nursing home and a senior residence in Châtillon.

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The Korian group moves into Spain

Korian announces three new acquisitions in Europe, and reinforces its position in France and Germany.

korian UnitedWay
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Korian’s engagment against early school leaving and for the professional integration of young people

As part of the "Défi jeunesse" program, Korian and United Way L'Alliance are committed together throughout 2019

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2019 Season's Greetings

“Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, as this year ends, I want to start by sincerely thanking each and every one of you for everything we have accomplished in 2018 thanks to ...

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Thirteen major French companies in favour of a more inclusive economy

Korian engaged to a list of measures to promote purchasing power, learning and continuous training.

Signatures Ages& Vie Nancy Mathieu Klein Charles Antoine Pinel
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Shared housing for seniors: 6 houses and 40 jobs in Meurthe-et-Moselle by 2021

Signature of the commitment of Meurthe-et-Moselle in the Ages&Vie shared housing projects.

Graduation 2018
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Korian Graduation Ceremony 2018: 150 graduates honoured

Korian accelerates the launch of its training policy in response to its recruitment needs.

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Korian accelerates its expansion into the home services market with the acquisition of Petits-fils

A well-known nationwide network enhancing the Korian group’s home services offering.