Korian news

Sint-Lambertus’ Buren
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An innovative battery system installed at Sint-Lambertus' Buren nursing home

The Flemish Minister of Energy inaugurated a salt water battery system in a Senior Living Group nursing home.

Signature du comité d'entreprise européen - Korian
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Signature of a European Works Council (EWC) within the Korian Group

This agreement was signed with 12 trade union organisations representing the various countries.

Korian fait son entrée aux Pays-Bas
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Korian moves into Netherlands

Stepping Stones supports patients with Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disorders.

International Women's Day
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Korian celebrates women through the portrait inspiring personalities

Women occupy a special place within the Korian group, both among its teams and among the elderly or vulnerable people it supports.

CFA Korian Muriel Penicaud
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The Korian group with Accor, The Adecco Group, and Sodexo launch the first joint Apprenticeship Training Centre for the Cooking and Catering trades.

Korian aims to hire more than 700 apprentices by 2020.

Korian celebrates its 15-year anniversary
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Korian celebrates its 15-year anniversary !

To mark Korian’s Group 15th anniversary, immersive art installations illustrate our Positive Care approach.

Korian Vitattiva
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Focus on Positive Care with the VITATTIVA calendar

The Vittativa Calendar celebrates the fundamental values of Korian's active living philosophy and the Positive Care approach.

Korian Castel Voltaire
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Korian Castel Voltaire Opening: a new generation digital nursing home

An innovative nursing home and a senior residence in Châtillon.

korian omega
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The Korian group moves into Spain

Korian announces three new acquisitions in Europe, and reinforces its position in France and Germany.