7 195




3 000




Long-term care nursing homes : 53
Specialised clinics : 26
Assisted living facilities : 3
Home care : more than 10,000 residents and patients benefit from our home care and rehabilitation services in Italy. 


Korian is the only provider of healthcare services in Italy that is present in all sectors: long-term care nursing homes, specialised clinics, assisted living facilities and home care networks. Korian is known as a benchmark care provider and offers a full range of services for patients and residents based on the continuity of care.


Mariuccia Rossini, Chairwoman Korian Italy
Federico Guidoni, EVP Italy 

Solutions that benefit our patients and residents 

Well-being and non-medicinal treatments at Saccardo nursing home: a homely facility with 108 beds where relationships are based on trust and well-being
The home has an Alzheimer’s space where non-medicinal treatments such as doll therapy, relaxation and aromatherapy areas, and travel therapy have been tested and implemented over several years. All these approaches help to preserve residents’ abilities. This facility regularly innovates with ways of caring and supporting patients with cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, to ensure they always receive the best possible care.

San Salvatore clinic, long-term care and outpatient consultations
Alongside long-term and post-hospitalisation care provided at our clinics, San Salvatore also holds outpatient consultations where patients in the region can see a specialist. This is a way for the clinic to be a part of the town and to open up to the community by providing care services to local residents.

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