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Korian in France

Nursing homes : 289
Specialised clinics : 102
Assisted living facilities and shared housing: 88
Home-care services : 3 HNS and 8 HHC


In France, Korian provides solutions designed for elderly and vulnerable people at various stages of the care pathway. From post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics to mental health clinics, senior care and home care services, residential and home care communities, assisted living facilities, and long-term care nursing homes, Korian provides solutions for every stage of the care pathway.


Nicolas Merigot, EVP France
Charles-Antoine Pinel, Chief Strategic Marketing Officer and new services development


Solutions that benefit our patients and residents 

At Korian, we are constantly improving the support and assistance we provide to our residents and patients.


Nursing homes

Our long-term care nursing homes are specifically adapted, safe, and comfortable living environments that provide additional support to people with diminished autonomy. Our expert teams offer assistance and care according to the individual needs of each resident. Our attentive and caring staff take into account the physical and cognitive capacities and feelings of every individual, while always respecting their privacy. We do everything we can to instil trust and make our residents’ lives as peaceful and joyful as possible.

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Our innovative alternative services and housing solutions

In 2018, alongside our core nursing home business, we began developing innovative alternative services and housing solutions designed for fragile individuals.

They include assisted living facilities through the Les Essentielles network, shared housing and care communities through our Ages&Vie homes, and home care through our network of Petits-fils agencies. All this is possible thanks to Korian’s integrated expert solutions, which provide significant added value to all of our services.

Les Essentielles, our assisted living facilities: apartment homes and à la carte services to enjoy life to the fullest

We have leveraged all our expertise in supporting seniors to develop a range of living spaces and housing options that allow seniors to maintain their autonomy and to enjoy a lifestyle that focuses on freedom of choice and prevention. At the end of 2020, our French network included 16 assisted living facilities. Our goal is to create a network of 50 facilities (4,000 dwellings) by 2024.

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Ages&Vie living and home care communities: shared housing offering assistance with activities of daily living

Since 2018, Korian has worked with Ages&Vie to develop shared housing solutions for seniors, specifically designed for rural, suburban, and urban areas. These shared homes allow eight seniors to live together as normally as possible with assistance from three home care assistants, some of whom live on-site with their family.

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Home assistance solutions

Oriane, a comprehensive solution for home care services

Eighty-five percent of elderly individuals prefer to age at home. Korian, which owns more than 200 home care agencies in France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium, and which strives to constantly improve its services to meet the needs of seniors, launched Oriane in September 2019. This comprehensive solution provides home care services that incorporate digital technology.

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Petits-fils, a national network of home care agencies for elderly individuals

Petits-fils, a national network of home care agencies for elderly individuals Petits-fils was created in 2007 and is now France's second largest private network of home care providers for elderly individuals with diminished autonomy. It joined the Korian group at the end of 2018. With locations primarily in cities with a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants, Petits-fils has tripled in size in just two years and had 162 agencies at the end of 2020. It plans to expand its network to at least 300 agencies by 2025, primarily by expanding into medium-sized cities.

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Our Hospital Home Care (HHC) services

Hospital Home Care is a form of care that falls midway between in-patient and out-patient care. Our Hospital Home Care (HHC) facilities are able to provide intensive, technical, or complex care that private practitioners cannot offer at the patient's residence (generally a private home or nursing home).

This form of care has a range of advantages for patients, particularly in terms of comfort and peace of mind. Hospital Home Care allows us to ensure patients’ safety and good medical follow-up..

With HHC, patients can receive continuous medical care, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in a familiar environment. Our network now has eight HHC facilities.


Home Nursing Services (HNS)

Our Home Nursing Services allow patients to receive care prescribed by their physician in their very own home. These services are strictly regulated and enable continuity of care and personalised short-term or long-term follow-up. A wide variety of services can be offered:

• Year-round, for chronic diseases or acute progressive or unstable diseases;
• Occasionally, for specific care for wounds, burns, post-surgery care, etc.

Home Nursing Services are provided by nursing assistants and accredited nurses who are regularly trained by Korian. Services are available seven days a week, several times a day, based on the patient's prescription. Our network now includes three HNS offices in France in Sanary sur Mer, Saint-Etienne, and Chambery.

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Specialised clinics

Our network of clinics is made up of nearly eighty post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics (SSR) and around thirty mental health and addiction treatment clinics and day hospitals..

Our post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics

The role of our post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics is to help prevent or limit the functional, physical, cognitive, psychological or social consequences of patients’ impairments or limited capacities. They also support patients as they rehabilitate and regain independence to be able to return home.

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Our mental health and addiction treatment clinics

Mental health clinics and day hospitals provide care for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, professional burn-out, addiction, and psychosomatic disorders. We also provide support for personality disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, and obesity), delusional disorders, and more.

Today, Korian is the third largest private operator in the field of mental health following the integration of the INICEA group in December 2020. We now manage 30 facilities (clinics and day hospitals) specialised in psychiatry and addiction treatment. Korian is also continuing to expand and diversify its range of healthcare services for adolescent, adult, and senior patients.