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Korian en France

Nursing homes : 294
Specialised clinics : 73
Assisted living facilities and shared housing: 28
Home-care services : 3 HNS and 7 HHC


In France, Korian provides and develops solutions designed for elderly and vulnerable people at various stages on the care pathway. These solutions stem from two approaches: Korian France Seniors, which covers our social healthcare services: long-term care nursing homes, home nursing services, assisted living facilities and shared housing for seniors; and Korian France Santé, our medical expertise unit, which covers our specialised clinics, post-acute and rehabilitation care, psychiatric care and hospital home care.


Nicolas Merigot, EVP France
Charles-Antoine Pinel, Chief Strategic Marketing Officer and new services development


Solutions that benefit our patients and residents 

Parc des DamesKorian Parc des Dames: elders and infants 
Korian’s Parc des Dames nursing home near Paris is all about bringing generations together. Built in a green setting and opened in 2017, it was designed for up to 84 residents and is next to a nursery that accommodates 32 infants, run by Babilou, France’s largest private nursery group. The site is entirely designed to allow the children to come into contact with their elderly neighbours, which helps our residents to stay young, mobile and sociable. 


Innovation drive at Les Vergers, Korian’s new rehabilitation clinic in Troyes
Featuring two units equipped with cutting-edge technology, a treatment garden and an outdoor walk area, this clinic, which opened in 2017, helps to ensure that patients return home in the best conditions after staying in hospital. The clinic is fully integrated into Troyes’ healthcare offering and will participate in research being conducted as part of a partnership between the Korian Foundation and Troyes Technology University, to help patients return to their homes in better and safer conditions. 

Shared housing for seniors: Ages & Vie and Korian team up to develop a new and alternative housing option
The shared accommodation designed by Ages & Vie provides a safe, friendly and intergenerational living solution for people whose independence isn’t what it used to be. The single-storey residences all have a spacious shared living area with an open-plan kitchen, lounge, dining room and garden, and occupants each have their own studio with a bathroom and private terrace. Bright and spacious interiors are designed to make it feel just like home. Several care workers are on hand to look after the residents and these workers live upstairs with their families. We currently have 44 shared homes in the east of France (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region), with this number set to rise to 200 over the next six years.

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