European leader in Ageing Well, Korian knows the elderly well.   

By offering complementary services designed to meet the needs of the elderly, Korian helps them make the most of life.

Making the most of life means continuing to benefit from life, living at your own pace, in tune with your time, whether at home or in a community environment.


We are in the midst of a silent revolution: the elderly revolution.

  • The explosive growth of the senior population provides an economic and social opportunity which goes beyond medical care for the elderly.

    By 2035, the population aged over 75 will increase by 55% in Europe to reach 68 million people.

    Growing in number, living longer and in better health, the elderly are expecting more of professionals to meet their needs, and at every stage of the ageing process.

    All sectors of activity are affected: housing, tourism, urbanism and particularly health.

  • In view of this demographic context and the changing requirements of the elderly, it is essential to redesign the existing services offered.

    The elderly are looking for personalised solutions. They have come into the digital age and intend to benefit fully from life. We must therefore create the most appropriate offers to meet these new expectations.

  • Korian has the ambition and the means to meet these challenges.

    Our teams have unrivalled expertise and knowledge in the elderly care sector. They listen to their needs to help them age well and continue to benefit from life, whether they live at home or in a community environment.

Korian is the leading european specialist in ageing well
40000 collaborateurs Nearly 49 000


57500 lits More than 75 000


600 etablissements  More than 740


+20% croissance moyenne annuelle du chiffre d'affaires +20%

average annual growth in revenue

A full range offer of services to meet every stage of ageing

plus de 500 maisons de retraite More than 600

nursing homes

89 cliniques spécialisées 85

post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics

51 résidences services Nearly 60

assisted living facilities

+20% croissance moyenne annuelle du chiffre d'affaires  

home care

The benefits of a Europe-wide company

International growth drivers
Access to countries' different economic and demographic rhythms.
The opportunity to share the best practices

47% du chiffre d'affaires hors de France of revenue outside of France