Two years after its creation, the "CFA des Chefs" keeps its promises.

In 2020, Accor, AccorInvest, Adecco, Korian and Sodexo joined forces to bring to life the "CFA des Chefs", the first inter-company apprentice training center dedicated to the restaurant industry.

Since September 2020, nearly 400 young adults aged 17 to 29, and more for people with disabilities, have joined the "CFA des Chefs"(Apprenticeship Training Centre for chefs), on one of its 14 campuses in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

The "CFA des Chefs", a virtuous triptych, creating talent and employment.

Thanks to the commitment and diversity of the establishments of its 5 founding groups, the model proposed by the "CFA des Chefs" has been designed to allow future chefs to envisage their professional career with peace of mind. By joining this unique CFA model, apprentices benefit from:

• A true path of excellence composed of several levels of degree and certification training, enriched with complementary modules;
• A guaranteed host company for their work experience;
Job opportunities in one of the five founding groups, which offer a wide variety of catering services: traditional catering, event catering, hotel catering, hospital and socio-medical catering, school and university catering, corporate catering, etc. The opportunities for professional integration are very broad, because the founding groups complement each other. Together they co-construct talent.

CFA des chefs

"The cooks and chefs play a key role in our health care facilities in the quality of service and connection: meals are highly anticipated moments of conviviality and social connection between residents and we take particular care to ensure the gustatory quality of our meals for residents through emulation and permanent training of chefs and cooks. The chefs participate directly in the quality of the care offered at Korian and are proud of it" declares Rémi Boyer,Group Chief HR & CSR Officer.

"In the current context of labor shortage in the restaurant industry, aggravated by the impact of the health crisis, the "CFA des Chefs" is more strategic than ever for our groups. It is a real springboard to employment for all those with a passion for cooking, whether it is their first training or a professional retraining. By offering them privileged learning conditions, they acquire all the technical and cross-disciplinary skills expected by our groups," says Françoise Merloz, Director of the "CFA des Chefs" (Apprenticeship Training Centre for chefs).


One year after its integration, the first class of 2020/2021 of the "CFA des Chefs" has a 90% success rate on the exam.

To date, less than four months after their graduation, 80% of them have already had a positive outcome to their training: they have already found a permanent job in one of the five founding groups, thus contributing to the "1 young person - 1 solution" stimulus plan, or have chosen to extend their studies at the "CFA des Chefs".

An inclusive school

The "CFA des Chefs" brings together apprentices from a variety of backgrounds and profiles, so that everyone has a chance: an average age of 23, almost as many women (41%) as men, young adults with no diploma, higher education graduates, apprentices with disabilities (17% of the class of 2021), French-speaking internationals (15%), and the vast majority (90%) who have undergone professional retraining.

The "CFA des Chefs" of tomorrow

The "CFA des Chefs" short-term plans focus on 3 areas :

  1. Expansion of the training offer with a total of 7 one- or two-year apprenticeship courses for adults: Professional Cook, CAP cooking, CAP pastry, Bac pro cooking and Brevet Professionnel culinary arts, as well as 2 new courses: Title Pro Restaurant service and BTS hotel and restaurant (option B/cook)
  2. Other complementary modules will be added to these courses to meet the expectations of future employers (for example, vacuum cooking).
  3. The "CFA des Chefs" wishes to continue its geographical expansion by deploying in other regional cities such as Nantes, Bordeaux, Lille and Nice.


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