Korian welcomes Agnès Buzyn for the National Heatwave Plan

The Minister for Health and Solidarity met with residents and staff on 2nd August to discuss the National Heatwave Plan.

At the height of a heatwave, Agnès Buzyn, the Minister for Health and Solidarity, travelled to Nîmes to visit several hospitals and medico-social facilities and discuss how to properly implement the National Heatwave Plan in a region that is particularly hard hit by high temperatures. During her time in Nîmes, she visited the Mas de Lauze home where she met with residents and the entire staff. She noted how scrupulously the plan had been implemented.

Since 1st June, all Korian facilities have introduced a series of measures and recommendations for elderly and/or vulnerable residents and all employees to prevent any risk of dehydration or hyperthermia, including:

  • The use of fans, water misters, and air conditioners;
  • Protocols for ‘Hydration prevention and treatment’ and ‘Prevention of heat-related conditions’;
  • A ‘Prevention of overheating in dining areas’ plan that calls for different menus depending on the level of heat alert.

Korian facilities also opened their doors to local seniors so that they could spend a day basking in the cool, air-conditioned air and enjoying support and care from the staff. All Korian teams are trained and prepare themselves every year for the possibility of a heatwave. They stand ready to take care of the most vulnerable people in the best possible conditions whenever temperatures soar.