Korian signs two LGBT charters with L’Autre Cercle

On Thursday 21 December 2017, the Korian group’s Chief Executive Officer Sophie Boissard signed two Charters of Commitment with L’Autre Cercle’s Chairperson, MarieHélène Goix, and spokesperson, Catherine Tripon, to promote the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender (LGBT) people. Korian is the first Group in senior service to sign such a charter. 

Korian has made inclusion a key focus of its SER policy, and has backed up this commitment by signing two charters in support of the LGBT community. The charters, drawn up by L’Autre Cercle, require the company to provide an inclusive environment for all staff, patients and residents at the Group’s facilities. 

Korian is a forward-thinking company: the signature of these charters will translate as an action plan created in partnership with L’Autre Cercle and which will be implemented in 2018. This plan will include management training and team awareness initiatives to enable the company to deliver on its promises. In a move to promote respect and eliminate any type of discrimination, an employee resource group has already been set up to answer any questions that may arise.

For Sophie Boissard, “the commitments we are making today for LGBT inclusion are perfectly consistent with our SER policy and our ethos as a business in the care sector. They are in line with our “Positive Care” approach which is all about being supportive and respectful of people regardless of their differences or their health. They also reflect our Group’s values of Benevolence, Responsibility, Initiative and Transparency. For the well-being of our patients and residents, their families, and our staff, it is our duty to create a supportive environment that welcomes diversity in all its forms. I am proud that, by signing these charters, Korian is leading the way for other companies in our industry.” 

Catherine Tripon stated: “We are at a turning point in the way society accepts the diversity of the French population at every stage in life. With these 2 charters, the Korian group is taking steps, both as an employer and as a care provider, to provide a welcoming environment and dignified care for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and in doing so is helping to promote equal opportunities and uphold the values of French society.”