Korian publishes its Third integrated report

The first universal registration document, which reports on Korian's activity throughout 2019, is now available. It includes our integrated report, which presents our purpose and the project that mobilises us, "In Caring Hands", based on a dual requirement for excellence and innovation, in full consistency with the values of caring, responsibility, initiative and transparency.


CSR commitments at the heart of the corporate project

In the particular context of the unprecedented pandemic crisis we are going through, this 3rd report takes on a new dimension: more than ever we are making the 15 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments, which materialise the pact that binds us to our stakeholders, the essential component of our corporate project. Our mission is to be, in each of the 600 catchment areas where we are present today, the partner of people in fragile situations and their loved ones, thanks to adapted and evolving solutions proposed in a local ecosystem.


Our sustainable growth model makes investment in the Group's employees, in the quality of care and in the places where we live and work our first priority.


A contribution to address two major challenges


As a socially committed healthcare company serving the most fragile, Korian wishes to make a positive contribution, at its own level and with all its stakeholders, to the two major challenges of our time—namely, the ageing of the population and the preservation of local ecosystems in line with the sustainable development objectives defined by the United Nations.


Discover our integrated report #3

Rapport financier annuel et rapport intégré