Korian opens the new Clinic du Souffle Le Pontet, specialising in respiratory rehabilitation, in Plateau d'Hauteville (Ain)

Korian announces the opening of the Clinic du Souffle Le Pontet, a follow-up care and rehabilitation (RLS) facility specialising in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Located in the heart of Plateau d'Hauteville (Ain), one hour from Lyon, this new clinic is the result of the merger of the Le Modern clinic and the Clair Soleil clinic into a unique 5,200 m² site combining performance, comfort and well-being. It has 85 beds for full hospitalisation and a day hospital.


Recognised know-how in respiratory rehabilitation

The Clinic du Souffle Le Pontet will take care of people with chronic respiratory diseases and sleep respiratory disorders, but also patients on respiratory assistance, as well as pre- and post-thoracic surgery. The clinic's team is made up of 75 people, 45 of whom make up the medical and paramedical team. This multidisciplinary and highly qualified team includes four respiratory physicians, nurses and nursing assistants, physiotherapists, teachers of adapted physical activity (APA), a tobacco specialist, psychologists, a dietician, and a social worker.


Equipment combining performance, comfort and well-being

The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for effective care that combines:

• an innovative and spacious technical platform (gymnasium, balneotherapy, physical effort re-training room...) • a functional evaluation laboratory for the study of cardio-respiratory functions at rest and during exercise • a suitable and pleasant living environment with comfortable rooms, a garden and several terraces, as well as a bright air-conditioned restaurant


"The Clinic Le Pontet is helping to make Korian a major player in SRH specialising in respiratory diseases. The Group has six clinics dedicated to this type of pathology. "Three other respiratory healthcare specialist services will also open between now and 2022," says Nicolas Mérigot, Executive Vice-President Korian France.


"I am very proud of this magnificent clinic, which is a place of reference in respiratory rehabilitation. Our therapeutic approach is global and transversal. It consists of getting patients back on the move, in order to gain autonomy and improve their quality of life”, emphasises Brigitte Emin, Director of the Clinic du Souffle Le Pontet.


"The commune’s and Plateau d'Hauteville health station’s historic know-how in terms of respiratory care and rehabilitation is reinforced by this magnificent project. The opening of the Clinic du Souffle Le Pontet by the Korian Group opens a new page in the hospital history of Plateau d'Hauteville, completely turned towards the future, thanks to the high environmental quality of the project, the comfort of the equipment and the orientation of the care protocols focused on patient rehabilitation, in particular through physical activity" indicates Philippe Emin, Mayor of Plateau d'Hauteville.


Clinique du Souffle le Pontet


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