Korian invests in the start-up Technosens, alongside the VYV Group, to develop digital solutions that promote social links

Korian, the leading European care services group for elderly and fragile people, has signed a shareholding agreement whereby it becomes the majority shareholder of the technology company Technosens, alongside the VYV Group, France's leading mutual health and social protection player. This Grenoble-based start-up specializes in the design and development of ergonomic digital solutions for healthcare and medico-social institutions as well as for the home.

Plateforme E-lio

The startup Technosens and its e-Lio platform

In particular, Technosens has developed the E-lio solution which allows residents and patients, thanks to a television connected to a box installed in each room, to maintain social contact through video and audio calls with their loved ones as well as the reception of daily life information (activities program, menus, weather forecast...). The solution also facilitates team communication within the facility.

Initially, deployment in France

This solution has been successfully tested in three Korian network facilities in France since 2018. Thanks to the partnership, it will gradually be deployed by the teams from Korian Solutions, the Group's digital agency, throughout all Korian nursing homes and clinics in France and then in Europe. It will also be adapted for home use.

The internal and external integration of healthcare and medico-social institutions into digital eco-systems is more than ever a factor in the quality of life for vulnerable people and their families, and in the safety and comfort of the work environment for healthcare teams. E-lio is acclaimed by the many players in the sector who already use it for its simplicity, interactivity and adaptability.


" The VYV Group is delighted with this partnership with the Korian Group. The digital solutions developed by Technosens are promising for the future. For the VYV Group, the Korian Group's investment in the capital of the start-up Technosens represents an opportunity for the VYV Group to develop this start-up’s innovations and to work together on new projects," says Stéphane Dedeyan, Managing Director of the VYV Group.


" We welcome this partnership with the VYV Group to help Technosens grow in France and Europe, notably by supporting its innovation department. The cross-fertilization with VYV and the Technosens team will enrich the uses of digital technology for seniors, to the benefit of all the players in our sector, who will continue to use Technosens's know-how," said Sophie Boissard, CEO of the Korian Group.


" Korian's investment in Technosens's capital validates the relevance of our digital solutions in the elderly sector and gives us the visibility to pursue our development and innovate for the benefit of seniors", explains Thierry Chevalier, founder and CEO of Technosens.