Korian continues to build on its momentum in the professionalization of its employees



In 2019, 210 qualified employees and 216 engaged in a process of validation of prior learning (VAE)


On the occasion of the 3rd edition of the annual graduation ceremony, which took place on November 21 in Paris, Korian renewed the dynamic undertaken on the training and professionalization of its teams in the support of fragile people and the elderly.

In 2019, 210 employees graduated, which means 71 more than in 2018. The three quarters of these graduates are caregivers (orderlies, nurses, nurse coordinators, psychologists, doctors). The Management functions on the one hand and those relating to Social Life, Accommodation and Hotels on the other hand are also represented among the graduates.

Year after year, the validation of prior learning (VAE) is becoming increasingly popular with Korian employees. In 2019, 216 people were involved in this process, twice as many as in 2018. This positive result is the fruit of the VAE promotion campaign launched at the beginning of this year by the Korian Human Resources Department in France. Throughout their career, employees are supported in their efforts and in the oral preparation for the examination board by the Korian Academy, bringing the overall success rate for all diplomas combined to 88% and the success rate for Caregiver Support diplomas to 62% (compared to 24% at national level).


"I am very proud to see the commitment and determination of our employees to take charge of their professional careers. My goal is for Korian to be the first learning company in the fragility support sector. The increase in the number of graduates underlines our expertise in training in the expected and interpersonal skills. This allows us to project ourselves with confidence, with solid teams, into the professionalization and attractiveness of our "business". says Sophie Boissard, Executive Director of the Korian Group.