Korian celebrates its 2nd edition of the National Centenaries' Day

Korian introduced in 2017 in France the National Centenaries’ Day to come together and celebrate the 500 centenarians that our homes have the honour of caring for. This second edition was the occasion to report on the relation French people have with old age based on an IPSOS survey.

Did you know that France has 21,000 centenarians? That is almost twenty times more than in 1970. Five out of six people living to a hundred are women, and the pool of supercentenarians aged 110 or older is almost exclusively female. By 2070, France is expected to count more than 270,000 centenarians.

An IPSOS survey conducted for the Korian group revealed that 71% of French people want to live to be 100, as long as they are in good health! Only 26%, however, believe they are likely to live that long. In total, one in every five French people knows somebody who’s lived to be 100 among their family or friends, and for 80% of them, that’s something they’re proud of.

Journée Nationale des Centenaires91% of respondents would like a 100-year-old family member to tell them stories about their past. They would also like to know what our elders think of the world today (81%). Perhaps as a way to comfort ourselves? Maybe, as more than a third of those interviewed felt that spending a day with a centenarian would give them more faith in the future. It’s no surprise - gleaning wisdom from someone who has lived through extensive upheavals and societal, historic and technological revolutions is certainly reassuring.  

"Korian introduced this annual centenarian day to come together and celebrate the 500 centenarians that we have the honour of caring for at our homes. It gives them the chance to talk about their memories and interact with the younger generation. The success this celebration has met with shows just how eager people are to engage with different generations. The Ipsos study translates the positive perception we have towards older people; it’s a mix of pride and admiration and there’s a real desire on both sides to spend time together and learn from each other. The survey quite rightly underlines the need to create such occasions for bridging generations, to take into account the value of time, and to award seniors a special place in our society” says Sophie Boissard, CEO of the Korian group.