Korian celebrates its 15-year anniversary !

Korian’s Positive Care approach illustrated by immersive art installations

The social mission of the Korian Group, which is resolutely inclusive, is supported by a common culture based on our Positive Care approach: contributing to the quality of life on a daily basis of our patients, residents and their families, and our caregivers.

To mark the Korian Group 15th anniversary, Chief Executive Officer Sophie Boissard invited visual artist Véronique Le Mouël to immerse herself in daily life at the Group’s facilities alongside residents and patients.

The artist drew on this experience to create four joyful, colourful installations which reflect the Positive Care approach practised by the Korian caregiver community: alleviating suffering, getting people moving, and sharing both great and small events in the life of the Korian Home. These collaborative works will be unveiled at an event organised by Korian, on 7 February 2019. They will then tour the Group’s facilities in France and Europe.

 "To mark our anniversary and to highlight the road travelled in terms of support and our philosophy of Positive Care, we wanted to take an artistic approach. This allows us to share in a sensitive and meaningful way the profound nature of the mission of Korian’s community of women and men, all committed and ready to act to provide the care and support that ensures well-being and quality of life for the most elderly, vulnerable people. These creations are faithful representations of our fundamental purpose, what sets us apart, our spirit, our community, and the way we do things."  evokes Sophie Boissard, Korian Group’s Chief Executive Officer.


Korian 15 ans oeuvres Veronique Le Moel


Korian: 15 years of commitment to care and the elderly

The Korian group is rich in a history that is co-portraitd and nourished by the vision of its founders, starting with Charles Ruggieri, who created Korian in 2003...

For Sophie Boissard, Korian Group’s Chief Executive Officer: "Korian is a human adventure driven by strong figures, 15 years of commitment to care and the Old Age. Happy to pay tribute to those who made the Korian family and today for me to carry the torch for the next 15 years."


Over the past 15 years, Korian has consolidated and diversified, strengthening its position as the European leader in services for the elderly and vulnerable, managing Europe’s leading network of nursing homes, specialized clinics, assisted living facilities, hospital care and home-care services, with more than 800 facilities all together on 31/12/2018. Present today in five countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain) serving 300,000 patients and residents, the Group employs more than 50,000 people.