Korian and the Trigano family, with Pierre Gagnaire, join forces to re introduce a touch of enchantment to senior living

Casa Barbara, a new living space fortoday's seniors! 

Faithful to its pioneering spirit and committed to seniors’ well being, the Korian Group has just signed a partnership agreement with Serge Jérémie Trigano (Club Med, Mama Shelter incorporating the talent of Pierre Gagnaire, to embark upon a new adventure Casa Barbara.

The moment you walk through the door, the mood and atmosphere at Casa Barbara reflect its soul.

… It's beautiful. The interior design, by Sandra Benhamou, is reminiscent of a large, warm country house with cheerful colours soft tones, natural fibres and woodwork.

…It's good. The delicious dishes served here are created by Pierre Gagnaire, not only a well known starred chef, but above all, a chef who respects the use of seasonal products and is concerned with giving pleasure through balanced and tasty meals.

… It's human. We are welcomed by Alexandra and John, the host couple who live on site with their children and pets The team members all have an abundance of energy and plenty of good humour to spare.

… It's friendly. The inviting space, organised around a large central bar, makes you want to sit down, whether you are alone, with family or friends.You can also sit out on the terrace, join in a game of cards or board games, read by the fireplace, listen to John sing at the piano, watch a sports match on the big screen or have brunch with the family.

… It's rewarding and fulfilling. The weeks are interspersed with cultural and artistic activities and events, sports and recreation, all organised in various areas (physical activity room, home theatre,wellness area, etc. Residents can actively part in these activities, from defining the programme to organising the events to participating in the experiences.

… It's free. Everyone is at home here and free choice is the rule whether it’s how to decorate your flat,your mealtime schedule, or the activities you choose to engage in.You can serve yourself a cup of coffee or a drink at the bar anytime you please or watch your favourite series in the home theatre. Each inhabitant plays a role in this adventure.

Whilebeing a place to live that is open to the outside world and the local neighbourhood Casa Barbara respects its residents’ privacy. The comfortable flats, ranging from studios to three room apartments 26 to 74 m²), are bathed in light and the vast majority have a balcony.

They are well soundproofed, connected and secure. All of this provides the framework for the Casa Barbara experience, so that each resident may live a very good life filled with emotions, smiles and laughter, and new encounters.

It's beautiful, it's joyful, it's friendly and it's made with love It's Casa Barbara!

“With Casa Barbara and the partnership with Serge and Jérémie Trigano" enthusiastically shares Sophie Boissard, CEO, "the Korian Group is in tune with the new generation of urban seniors regarding their expectations. As it did with Ages&Vie inspired by the Northern European béguinage model, Korian continues to reinvent what senior living means by creating unique living spaces that combine the comfort and intimacy of home with the conviviality and warmth of shared spaces. Places where you can immerse yourself in a rich social environment, at your own pace, with complete serenity and according to your own desires »

As for Serge Trigano he sees this adventure as a way to add some enchantment to this chapter of life "Casa Barbara," he says,"is about making your dreams come true because you finally have the time to do so Learning, because it's the right time to become a computer expert, for example. Welcoming your grandchildren in a festive atmosphere. Laughing, simply because life is good with new friends. Remembering and sharing the most beautiful moments of our lives through films, music, and scents. Charming others, because there is no age limit for that Passing on to others our personal and professional experience, thus giving even more meaning to this stage of our lives. It's simply time to think about ourselves and have a good time »

Pierre Gagnaire, who will be creating the menus for the Casa Barbara restaurant, describes here the approach that guides him :"Cooking is not measured in terms of how traditional or modern a dish is. What matters is the cook's tenderness.»

The first opening will take place in the heart of Levallois Perret in spring 2022. Other Casa Barbara facilities will follow, eventually forming a network of houses where our residents can live.

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