With the EKSO exoskeleton, one more step in walking rehabilitation at the Marienia clinic

Exosquelette, Clinique Korian Marienia


The Korian Marienia physical medicine and functional rehabilitation clinic (located in Cambo-Les-Bains, in the Basque Country) supports patients with neurological pathologies (Cerebral Vascular Accidents, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease), injuries of the musculoskeletal system (road accidents, trauma, low back pain, amputees) and severe burns. Its strength lies in the multidisciplinary support of patients in all their weaknesses to improve their skills, by rehabilitation and medical teams.

For several years, the clinic has integrated new technologies into its support and in particular the dynamics of robotics. A milestone had been reached with the use of the Lokomat and Arméo Power robotic walking rehabilitation orthosis for upper limb rehabilitation.

The clinic is now completing its field of expertise by now using an exoskeleton. This robot-assisted orthosis allows patients to work on walking and ambulation, to improve speed, scope and quality. Programmed by the physiotherapist according to the patient's deficits, the exoskeleton will partially compensate for his motor deficiencies.

All of these technologies allow more intensive rehabilitation, the impact of which on cerebral plasticity and functional recovery in general is known, thanks to clinical research. Indeed, thinking about the movement, making the movement, seeing oneself doing the movement or seeing someone else doing the movement activate neural circuits favorable to recovery.


Stemming from cutting-edge technologies developed by MIT for the American army, this new exoskeleton allows us to progress in our skills and to support our patients in a complementary way, without eclipsing the human work which is the heart of our profession ”, indicates Michel Bégué, Chief Physician of the Marienia clinic.


The Korian Marienia clinic has been collaborating for several years with the neurosurgery departments and the Neuro-Vascular Unit of the CH Bayonne, hospitals throughout the region (Pau, Dax, St Palais, Mont de Marsan) and also with nearby CHUs (Bordeaux and occasionally Toulouse).



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