Assisted living facilities & shared housing

Our 60 assisted living facilities are ideal for independent seniors looking for a safe environment with on-site amenities and activities.

Résidence services

Why come to us?

Korian provides secure, comfortable and spacious apartments (50 m² on average) that can be adapted to fit residents’ needs. All our assisted living facilities have shared areas that can be privatised for visits, and a garden. Each facility has its own range of services from which residents can pick and choose, including meals, activities, laundry services and spa pools. These services provide comfort and convenience and help to ensure residents’ peace of mind, while creating a friendly and sociable atmosphere. Most of our 60 facilities are also able to provide medical and nursing supervision upon request, as they are always within easy reach of our home care services or one of our long-term care nursing homes.

Shared housing for seniors in France

We have been working with our subsidiary Ages & Vie since 2017 to grow our offering of shared housing for seniors. This concept takes the form of small residential units in a safe and sociable setting. It is particularly ideal for seniors who feel isolated or are losing their independence.

Ages & vie

How does it work?
Our shared housing facilities in France provide an alternative living solution for elderly and disabled people. These shared homes have a spacious communal living area and seven 30 m² studios. 
Round-the-clock presence
Three care workers take turns assisting residents round-the-clock, and some of them live in service accommodation on the premises. Ages & Vie homes are particularly suitable for frail elderly people or adults with disabilities.
200 shared houses planned in France
200 shared housing programmes for seniors will be opened across France over the next six years, which will house 3,000 people and create more than 2,000 direct jobs.




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