Assisted living facilities & shared housing

Our 60 assisted living facilities are ideal for independent seniors looking for a safe environment with on-site amenities and activities.

Résidence services

Why live with us?

Korian has leveraged all its expertise in supporting seniors to develop a range of living spaces and housing options that allow seniors to maintain their autonomy and enjoy a lifestyle that focuses on freedom of choice and prevention. Korian provides secure, comfortable and spacious apartments (50 m² on average) that can be adapted to fit residents’ needs. All our assisted living facilities have shared areas that can be privatised for visits, and a garden. Each facility has its own range of services from which residents can pick and choose, including meals, activities, laundry services and spa pools. These services provide comfort and convenience and help to ensure residents’ peace of mind, while creating a friendly and sociable atmosphere. Most of our 60 facilities are also able to provide medical and nursing supervision upon request, as they are always within easy reach of our home care services or one of our long-term care nursing homes.

Shared housing for seniors in France

Since 2018, through our subsidiary Ages & Vie we offer shared housing solutions for seniors, specifically designed for rural, suburban, and urban areas.

Ages & vie

How does it work?
This alternative housing concept allows up to eight seniors to live together as normally as possible with the support of three care assistants, some of whom live on-site with their own family. 

These single-storey, ground-level homes include a private living area with its own bathroom for each resident, and common areas such as a lounge, a dining room, and a kitchen, so that residents can share meals, socialise, and enjoy leisure activities together.

These shared homes are ideal for individuals who are fairly autonomous or with diminishing autonomy, and who can no longer or do not wish to live alone in their home. They provide an alternative non-medical housing solution for those who are not interested in a traditional nursing home.

First established in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region, the Ages & Vie network now counts 70 shared homes in eight French departments.

In 2020, seven new shared homes began welcoming residents in the French cities of Beure, Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune, Luzy, Le Deschaux, and Marmagne, and two outside the Bourgogne Franche Comté region in Plainfaing and Baccarat.

The size of this network will double by early 2022.

300 shared homes for seniors in France by 2024
Three hundred shared homes for seniors will be built in France between now and 2024, providing more than 2,400 bedrooms for up to 3,000 seniors and directly creating more than 1,500 jobs.

Today Korian is proud to operate 155 shared homes and assisted living facilities in Europe.




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