Human commitment
Jobs unlike any others, full of purpose, meaning and relationship
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Uncompromising quality
Our commitment to quality is at the core of our approach
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Positive Care
A positive and comprehensive approach to treatment so that each person can continue to achieve self-fulfilment
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A lever that supports ageing well, quality of life and treatment
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Close to you
At the heart of local communities, anchored in various economic and non-profit networks
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What’s happening at Korian

Visite Ministre des sports Roxana Maracineanu Hauts de Jardy
image/svg+xml Our Facilities
The Minister of Sports at Les Hauts de Jardy for French Sports Celebration

Korian facilities all over France opened their doors for La Fête du Sport, France’s first official event to celebrate sport.

Korian Solutions
image/svg+xml Korian Group
Korian Solutions launch

With Korian Solutions, Korian Group accelerates its digital transformation and positions itself as a leader in the development of home care services

Clinique Korian Glanum
image/svg+xml Our Facilities
Korian Glanum clinic awarded A-grade certification

Korian Glanum awarded A-grade certification by France’s national authority for health, the HAS.

Agnès Buzyn en visite dans les maisons Korian
image/svg+xml Our Facilities
Korian welcomes Agnès Buzyn for the National Heatwave Plan

The Minister for Health and Solidarity met with residents and staff.

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Numbers that speak for themselves

Numbers that speak for themselves
Numbers that speak for themselves

Going further

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