Caring for caregivers is the driving force behind our human resources policy. We offer our 67,000 staff members in 7 countries career paths that are inclusive and lead to qualification through diploma-based courses in long-term, meaningful professions. We aim to become the employer of choice in the world of healthcare.
Our three structuring commitments:

  1. Maintain or improve staff members’ average length of service (currently 6.7 years)
  2. Invest in training leading to a qualification, in which 8% of our staff will be involved by 2023; meeting this commitment means doubling the number of staff members in training leading to a qualification compared to 2019
  3. Ensure a balanced representation of women and men at all levels of the organisation. Increase the number of women in Top Management by 10% to achieve parity



In order to take good care of our patients and residents, we believe it is essential that our staff feel good about themselves and have a rich professional experience.
Just as we have defined a pact guaranteeing the quality of service and care for the people we support, we have also defined, through symmetry of attention, commitments towards our staff in each of the six countries in which we operate.
This pact, which is fully aligned with our values, is one of the foundations of our "In Caring Hands" corporate project.

In all countries, the commitments we make to our staff are:

1. To be properly welcomed and supported by their management team.
2. To understand their role and their organisation, to be trained and to grow.
3. To work in a safe and healthy work environment.
4. To belong to a stimulating professional community.
5. To be valued and integrated, and enjoy a good work-life balance.
6. To be aware of opportunities for development and for personalised career paths.
7. To understand their salary and benefits.
8. To be actively involved in the “In Caring Hands” project.


Our professions of support for the elderly and frail are professions of meaning and passion. Listening, giving people the chance to do things by themselves, and supporting the teams in their roles, all require a generous, empathetic approach. Connections and communication are sometimes established in other ways than through words.

Pourquoi travailler chez Korian


"Positive Care" guides our approach to support and care. When caring for patients and residents, we always strive to allow them to use their skills and abilities to the full. We take a holistic and positive approach. An approach that encourages our residents to be independent, stimulates their zest for life, and encourages them to make their own choices and express themselves freely in a kind and friendly environment.