Caring means making things meaningful

Helping, contributing, feeding, hand-holding, listening, protecting, advising and hugging are not only useful gestures, but extremely meaningful ones as well. It takes courage and generosity which lead to words, looks, smiles and moments of silence in return. This is how dialogue is initiated and nurtured, sometimes tentatively and often unnoticed by others. This type of dialogue teaches us as much about ourselves as it does about the person being cared for.
This special relationship is unique and precious for all of our staff; this is why each one perceives their job to be so much more than just performing techniques correctly and following hygiene rules and administrative requirements. The way they see it, caring means making things meaningful.

Caring about skills and abilities

When caring for patients and residents, we always strive to allow them to use their skills and abilities to the full. We take a holistic and positive approach. An approach that encourages our residents to be independent, stimulates their zest for life, encourages them to make their own choices and express themselves freely in a kind and friendly environment. An approach that epitomises Positive Care (lien vers la rubrique positive care).
We establish a personalised lifestyle and treatment plan for all of our residents. Providing Positive Care means communicating regularly with our residents and their family to evaluate their age-related or medical needs; their physical, cognitive, sensory, social and cultural capacities; and their wishes, habits and preferences for their well-being.

We establish a support programme with each resident and their family comprising domestic activities, recreational times, and functional, cognitive and therapeutic activities. Providing Positive Care means taking care of others from a broader perspective than just providing medical care. It includes expressing empathy and respecting residents’ choices, dignity and need for privacy.

At Korian, we care about the carers

Because we strongly believe that you can’t take good care of others unless you take care of yourself, we do everything we can to look after the health, safety and quality of life at work of our employees. Fulfilment, well-being in the workplace, and work-life balance are, quite rightly, what our employees aspire to, and these elements play a key role in making sure our organisation runs smoothly.

In an effort to take care of those who take care of others, we work on 5 things:

  1. Strong vigilance concerning work conditions and quality of life in the workplace
  2. A strong commitment to promoting diversity
  3. Individually tailored training pathways
  4. Individually tailored integration pathways
  5. New ways of working

This focus and concern helps to boost employee engagement and pride among our employees every day. In our most recent in-house survey (Kommunity 2017), 77% of our staff said they felt engaged (up 9 points from 2015), 94% are proud of their work, and more than 2,000 measures were taken in 2017 to improve their quality of life at work.