Training and career development

Continuously develop the employability and skills of our staff

To prepare for the future, and to develop and retain our staff, we offer them career paths leading to qualifications, continuous, agile training sessions (accessible via e-learning), and apprenticeship pathways.


Professions of passion. The professions of care and support for the elderly require strong commitment and constantly updated expertise. Coordinating physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses, nursing assistants, and more: all our professionals work as a team, act in concert and learn from each other to offer our residents and patients the quality of service and care that is our pride and our identity. “Trade communities" have been created throughout Europe, such as "ambassador doctors" in France, as well as nurse coordinators, psychologists, chefs, technical managers and many other professional communities that promote skills improvement in the teams and the development of the profession.

Year after year, accreditation of prior experience (VAE in French) is proving increasingly successful with our staff. The aim is to achieve a higher qualification, for example, progressing from care assistant to nursing assistant, by demonstrating skills and abilities gained through experience.

In France, throughout their career, staff are supported in their efforts and in their oral preparation for the examination board, bringing the overall success rate for nursing assistants to 88% and the overall success rate for qualifications to 62% (compared with 24% at the national level). More than 350 staff members in France engaged in this process in 2020. This is almost double the 2018 figure.

In Germany, the system is identical to the WeGebAU (VAE-type training leading to a higher qualification).


The Korian Academy, established in 2002, has the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the career development of our staff;
  • To enhance their skills;
  • And to keep our corporate culture alive.

The Korian Academy deploys the Group's training policy, in close alignment with the needs of our network, through a multidisciplinary teaching team made up of expert trainers (nurses, physiotherapists, geriatric psychologists, lawyers, etc.). It also works with external networks of trainers and specialists.

The continuing training offered by the Korian Academy enables our staff to hone their knowledge, learn new skills and get to grips with new methods. The qualifying pathways enable, for example, nurses to become head nurses or coordinators, and nurse coordinators or health managers to take up positions as Facility Directors.
The Korian Academy also trains staff in non-drug therapies, which are central to our Positive Care approach.


Korian's training offer adapts to mobility constraints and new practices via a digital platform and a team that develops e-learning and multimodal training scenarios.

The new European training programme "S.Keys, Skills for Change", designed in partnership with IFG Executive Education, enables all Facility Directors to develop their management and leadership skills with specific teaching techniques (collaborative digital platform, virtual classes, individualised support). This programme allows the Directors of our different countries to exchange ideas about their profession.


Creation of the first digital training centres

In September 2020, Korian opened its first site dedicated to training and innovation, in Lyon. The Group therefore now has the means to develop innovative, remote training solutions and increase access to training for Group staff.

This "academy of the care professions” was designed in partnership with major players in the world of training and digital technology, to offer cutting-edge teaching and digital training content tailored to the professions of care of the elderly and support for the frail. The training courses at this digital training centre will make it easier for trainees to simulate situations relating to risk prevention and the specific characteristics of geriatric care via virtual classes and access to innovative digital teaching tools (digital studio, example room, space for creativity and tests).

S.Keys, the first training programme dedicated to European managers


In September 2020, we launched the innovative European development programme for Facility Directors.
The programme focuses on Management and Leadership skills, and combines three main objectives:

  • To recognise our Facility Directors’ contribution and support them in their day-to-day activities
  • To enable people to better understand each other and manage themselves (self-management) so that they can take care of others
  • To advance expertise in Management / Team Leadership





In order to meet our considerable recruitment and training challenges, we have chosen to invest in apprenticeships, particularly in the roles of nursing assistant and cook.

Apprenticeships help us to recruit and retain the staff of tomorrow and to build up a pool of qualified potential candidates, who are supported in their practical training by our professionals. In 2019, in Europe, we trained nearly 2,500 apprentices in our homes and clinics, including 500 in France and 2,000 in Germany.

The number of apprentices in Germany has increased, and they now make up 10% of our teams. In France, special partnerships are also being formed with the public employment services so that jobs can be offered to young people who are isolated from them or come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Creation of our own Apprentice Training Centre for the care professions

In January 2021, we will launch the Company's Apprentice Training Centre dedicated to the care professions.  The centre will also be open to staff so that they can work towards the role of nursing assistant on a permanent apprenticeship contract.

In line with the Group's partnership approach, our Apprenticeship Training Centre will develop agreements with the institutes training nursing assistants in the regions that will implement the programmes.

In France, Korian nursing assistant classes in apprenticeship with the Red Cross

In May 2019, we joined forces and combined our expertise with the French Red Cross to boost the attractiveness of the care professions and meet the challenges of an ageing society in a partnership whose ambition is to promote the training and recruitment of nursing assistants and nurses in the elderly-care professions.

For example, several of our facilities in France (long-term care nursing homes and specialised clinics) have offered internships to student nurses and nursing assistants trained at the French Red Cross' regional institutes for health and social training (IRFSS).

The Apprenticeship Training Centre for chefs: training for the catering professions

Eating well is one of life's pleasures and a way of keeping healthy. The quality of meals is naturally very important to our patients and residents. This is why we pay particular attention to the food we provide, which is cooked using fresh products in each of our facilities. In France, to enable us to train and recruit motivated, well-trained teams, we have created the Apprenticeship Training Centre for chefs, in conjunction with four major players in the food services industry: Accor, AccorInvest, Sodexo and The Adecco Group.

CFA des chefs

Our aim is to promote the attractiveness of the catering professions, particularly for young people, by offering training leading to qualifications and a springboard for employment.

In September 2020, we were involved in opening Apprenticeship Training Centres for chefs in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.