Training and career development

Training: one of the strategic pillars of our five-year plan

The jobs we do require dedication and continually renewed skills. They are all connected, complementary and concordant. The jobs we do are mutually beneficial – that’s how we achieve the quality of service and care for our residents and patients that we are known for and pride ourselves on. This is why teamwork is much more than just something we do at Korian: it is a cardinal value that underpins the continuous development of all our employees and makes our Group a natural learning company.

Korian Academy: our very own comprehensive and agile training solution

Korian AcademyThe Korian Academy was created 15 years ago and has a catalogue of 120 training courses for all types of occupations, covering 11 training pathways in France. The Korian Academy is in close contact with all the Group’s divisions and is ideally placed to propose new and innovative learning solutions that fit our needs, with the help of training contractors and specialists. To accommodate mobility issues and new work methods, our in-house platform provides online training for twenty career paths. Our employees can hone their knowledge, learn new skills and get to grips with new methods with our in-person and remote training solutions. Every year, these solutions enable nurses to become leaders or coordinators, and nurse coordinators or healthcare managers to become facility managers.

The Korian Academy plays a key role in upholding and applying the Group’s values; twice a year, all staff at our Korian facilities (care workers, managers, admin, hospitality, catering and activity staff) gradually become trained in the non-medicinal treatments that lie at the heart of our Positive Care ethos. Using learning kits that focus on role-play to illustrate our Group values of Benevolence, Responsibility, Initiative and Transparency, our teams learn how to react and position themselves in real-life situations. Together, they come up with ideas to improve the care we provide to patients and residents, and identify specific responses for each of our four values so that we can truly reflect them.