Specialised clinics


Post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics offer patients a treatment plan that is customised to meet their needs. They bring together a dozen different specialities at a single site, from oncology to cardiology, geriatrics, neurology, nutrition, orthopaedics, pulmonology, and stroke recovery. They all provide treatment based on therapeutic education programmes.

A dozen of our clinics are specialised in respiratory rehabilitation. They include the five 5 Santé Group “breathing clinics” which have joined the Korian group. One of them, the new Le Pontet breathing clinic, opened its doors in November 2020. These clinics have propelled Korian's growth, making it a major player in post-acute and rehabilitation care for respiratory disorders. Three new pulmonary post-acute and rehabilitation care divisions will also open by 2022.

Korian is proud to count more than fifty day hospitals in its healthcare network, and continues to develop out-patient solutions to support prevention and autonomy. These facilities are usually connected to a clinic. We are opening the first stand-alone out-patient rehabilitation centre specialised in medical conditions affecting the elderly in Paris in May 2021. The network should open more than 25 additional day hospitals by 2022.

Our new e-health solutions improve the patient experience throughout the care pathway.



Korian is developing coordinated care pathways for patients with chronic diseases with the support of Move in Med. The care pathways combine personalised support for patients with the creation of their own digital healthcare account, which centralises data and events relating to their care pathway and facilitates interaction and cooperation between the medical, psychological, and social healthcare professionals involved in their care.


Since January 2019, the Korian Les Trois Tours clinic, which is specialised in respiratory and ENT post-acute and rehabilitation care, has developed Korian's first coordinated and personalised care pathway: the “Air Pathway” for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It provides specific support for ensuring continuous follow-up throughout the patient's stay in the clinic and after their return home by providing a shared web platform for patients and professionals, as well as a structured and consistent framework.



In November 2020, Korian Marienia, a post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic specialised in physical medicine and functional rehabilitation, also set up the first “Stroke Follow-up Pathway” designed for patients having suffered a stroke, including after their return home, to provide long-term follow-up.



In January 2021, Korian Cap Ferrières, a French post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic specialised in musculoskeletal conditions, launched its “Mobility Pathway”. This programme of coordinated and personalised patient care promotes improved pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation. This innovative care pathway allows patients to reduce post-operative complications, reduce rehabilitation time, and restore their capacities as best as possible in order to recover their autonomy more quickly. Patients are also informed about what will happen during and after surgery, limiting any stress prior to the operation.



Korian is also launching its “e-HDJ” digital solution in day hospitals with the support of Move in Med, a start-up specialised in developing e-healthcare digital tools and services. Patients can continue their care pathway and their rehabilitation at home, alongside their more traditional in-person care plan. The Korian Les Trois Tours post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic in La Destrousse, France, was the first to launch these new e-HDJ and day hospital services for patients suffering from respiratory and ENT disorders, in particular chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).



The Marienia Clinic is expanding its expertise in gait training with the cutting-edge EKSO exoskeleton. This wearable bionic suit allows patients suffering from neurological lesions to relearn how to walk and move around while improving speed, range, and quality.



The Korian les Cyprès post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic, a multidisciplinary facility specialised in musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation, uses a driving simulator to evaluate patients’ ability to resume driving after having been in a road accident.

The Korian Estela post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic located on the Oncopole campus in Toulouse has an oncology division. It is equipped with cutting-edge digital care technology to improve patients’ comfort (including automation tools and technology to help patients keep in touch with their loved ones).