Our specialised clinics

Why come to us?

With a network of 180 healthcare facilities in Europe (10,200 beds), the Korian Group’s healthcare offering is built on three main fields of expertise: Medical and Rehabilitation Care, Mental Health and Hospital Home Care (HHC). Our Medical and Rehabilitation Care and Mental Health activities are primarily provided in France under a single brand, Inicea, with more than 110 facilities, but are also present in other European countries, notably in Spain and Italy.


Development of the Korian Group’s healthcare activity over almost 20 years:

- 1993: Creation of Medidep through acquisition of 12 clinics specialising in short-term dependency

- 2003: Medium-term stay clinics represent half of Medidep’s revenue

- 2005: Medidep merges with Suren, thereby strengthening the specialised retirement homes activity. The group is renamed Korian.

- 2007: Acquisition of Segesta in Italy

- 2015: Acquisition of five hospital home care (HHC) networks in France Merger of Korian and Medica, with 40 healthcare facilities joining the Korian Group (32 post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics and eight mental health clinics in France and Italy)

- 2019 - 2020: Korian speeds up investment in the medical sector, with the following acquisitions:
• The Clinidom hospital home care (HHC) network
• Three post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics in Cambo-les-Bains, Gan and Briançon
• The 5 Santé Group (six medical and rehabilitation care clinics)
• The Inicea Group (19 mental health clinics)
• Acquisition of a majority stake in the startups Move in Med & Omedys

- 2021: Acquisition of ITA Salud Mental in Spain

- 2022: Korian announces the structuring of its healthcare activities in France under the Inicea brand


As for all our European activities, these clinics are fully integrated into the regional healthcare offering and the care pathway, in partnership with local healthcare players (general practitioners, self-employed paramedical professionals, hospitals, clinics, etc.). Three types of hospital care can be offered to patients, depending on their situation: full-time hospital care, outpatient care and hospital home care, which allows them to benefit from medical follow-up and a full range of rehabilitation services while continuing to live at home.


Medical and Rehabilitation Care Clinics

The medical and rehabilitation care clinics aim to prevent or reduce the functional, physical, cognitive, psychological and social consequences of patient impairments and capacity limitations. They also work to encourage rehabilitation of patients in preparation for their return to home.

Our clinics and day hospitals are recognised in many specialities: cardiology, geriatrics, neurology, locomotor, nutrition, oncology, pneumology, etc. In these specialised clinics, we welcome adult patients discharged from hospital following an acute episode, suffering from chronic conditions or transferred directly from home on medical prescription. They help patients who have complex care requirements following acute medical treatments or surgery, or who are experiencing temporary health issues such as a fall, undernourishment or depression. They are able to provide specialised care in fields such as cardiovascular or musculoskeletal conditions, oncology and/or haematology. They also provide care for patients with chronic diseases at times when their condition worsens. The purpose of these facilities is to help patients to get back on their feet so they can return home. 

Some clinics treat comas and chronic neuro-vegetative states. They offer patients with very serious neurological sequelae a high level of care in the context of long-term daily management, in particular through neurological stimulation, while promoting relations with the families.

Inicea’s medical and rehabilitation care clinics benefit from diagnostic and treatment units, with specialised physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy and activity spaces adapted to each medical speciality.  These diagnostic and treatment units are fitted with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.

The expert and dedicated medical and paramedical teams are made up of general practitioners and specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, adapted physical activity (APA) instructors, speech therapists, psycho-motor therapists, psychologists and dieticians, alongside nurses, nursing assistants and social workers.

They provide medical services for patients receiving full-time or partial hospital care, with the aim of helping them regain their autonomy.


Mental Health Clinics

Our mental health and addiction treatment clinics field a diversified care offering with specialised areas of expertise such as pediatric psychiatry, general adult psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. Our network of mental health clinics works with patients receiving full-time, outpatient or night-time hospital care, while also offering outside consultations.

In our clinics, we contribute to the emergence of a new, more patient-centric psychiatry with the goal of constant improvement. Our professional teams provide care for men and women, adolescents, adults and seniors suffering from various disorders: mood disorders (depression and bipolarity), job burnout, delusional disorders (acute delusional states and schizophrenia), anxiety disorders (panic attacks and general anxiety), eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, hyperphagia and potomania), personality disorders, addictive disorders, sleep disturbance, autistic spectrum disorders.

Our mental health clinics serve children, adults and seniors in France with Inicea, in Spain with ITA Salud Mental and in Italy with Gruppo Sagge. With over 30 clinics and day care facilities, Inicea is today France’s third private operator in the field of psychiatry.

Plans are currently underway to acquire Grupo 5, a specialised mental health player in Spain. The projected acquisition will bring in activites that are highly complementary with those of ITA Salud Mental in Spain, acquired in 2021.


Medicine-Surgery-Obstetrics Clinics

Our medicine-surgery-obstetrics clinics specialise in surgical operations in the fields of ophthalmology, orthopedics and digestive surgery. These clinics also offer outpatient services in a number of specialities, including cardiac medicine, endocrinology, ophthalmology and oncology.

Our medicine-surgery-obstetrics clinics welcome our patients in Italy.