Specialised clinics

Why come to us?

We have 167 clinics in France, Italy and Spain spanning three areas of care: Post-acute and rehabilitation care; psychiatric care; and medicine, surgery and obstetrics (MSO). Our clinics fit into the care pathway and the nearby health services as we work hand in hand with local healthcare providers (GPs, paramedical professionals, hospitals and clinics).

Cliniques spécialisées

Our post-acute and rehabilitation care facilities seek to prevent or reduce the functional, physical, cognitive, psychological and/or social consequences of patients’ impairment or limitations and help them regain their capacities and independence. They help patients who have complex care requirements following acute medical treatments or surgery, or who are experiencing temporary health issues such as a fall, undernourishment or depression. They are able to provide specialised care in fields such as cardiovascular or musculoskeletal conditions, oncology and/or haematology. They also provide care for patients with chronic diseases at times when their condition worsens. The purpose of these facilities is to help patients to get back on their feet so they can return home. 

Two types of hospital care are available to patients depending on their circumstances: admitted hospital care or outpatient care. Outpatient care ensures full medical and rehabilitation treatment while allowing the patient to live at home.