Property designed for healthcare

In 2016, we set up a Group-wide real estate division. Its mission is to integrate the Positive Care approach into the design and operations of our facilities in order to optimise the care and wellness pathway everywhere we work.

We do this by:

  • Building properties to regroup existing facilities on new premises, move our facilities closer to a hospital, or place ourselves in the midst of healthcare resources.
  • Extending properties to add more bedrooms or outpatient areas.
  • Converting properties to optimise the layout, improve comfort, upgrade, increase the number of individual bedrooms and develop new designs.

Every step of the design and implementation process for our projects centres around the three things our residents and families want most:

  • Key expertise in providing healthcare and support for elderly and vulnerable people;
  • Constant efforts to preserve our residents’ independence and allow them the freedom to make their own choices, such as being able to personalise their bedrooms or deciding where to place their bed;
  • Creating friendly and inviting spaces, such as a family room or a tea room.

Mixed projects are happening all over Europe:

  • Nursing homes that offer services to the general public (SeniorPlaza in Belgium), or that partner with a nursery (St Germain in France) 
  • Senior residences (Fürt in Germany) with housing (Saverne in France) 
  • Facilities that combine different care pathways

SeniorPlaza in Belgium: so much more than a nursing home.A flagship example of a multi-purpose, user-centric building, the SeniorPlaza has a town centre location with shops and a restaurant nearby, providing a perfect opportunity to team up with other establishments to provide a range of activities. The ground floor has a lobby that opens out onto the town and features a florist, a restaurant, a hairdresser and a doctor’s surgery. Residents can use a separate entrance to access the nursing home on the upper floors.

The Boost project in France aims to renovate 3,000 bedrooms by the end of 2019. Fifty percent of our nursing homes will be integrated into the project by 2022.