Contribute to finding innnovative solutions for more inclusive society

We believe that increased life expectancy is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. The Group is mobilising its expertise in the field of care for elderly and fragile individuals, and its networks and partners, together with significant resources, in order to make a positive contribution to sustainable solutions and optimise its care offer.

This contribution translates into three concrete commitments:

  • to allocate at least 1% of annual net profit to research and philanthropic actions;
  • to support at least five research studies per year that lead to publication, notably through our network of Foundations;
  • to set up a stakeholder council in each country, in addition to France.

Axe3 engagement 1
Dedicate 1% of the Group's net profit to financing philanthropic actions

Axe 3 engagement 2
5 scientific publications per year

Axe 3 engagement 3
A Stakeholder Council in all countries by 2023

Commitment 1: Dedicate 1% of the Group's net profit to financing philanthropic actions

Aude LettyAude Letty, general delegate of the Korian Foundation For Ageing Well

We engage in meaningful projects which can take concrete form either as scientific research or societal studies to change the way we look at ageing, or in solidarity actions to promote a more inclusive vision of seniors and value their role in society.”

Korian has already fulfilled this commitment in 2019 in France, through its endowments to its Foundation and as a direct contributor to charities and research organisations.

The Korian Foundation is the cornerstone of this commitment. We’re conducting applied research to improve medical and care knowledge and to evaluate new methods of supporting residents and patients. Additionally, we’re opening up the debate to fuel reflection and knowledge on old age while encouraging the emergence of good practices, through numerous events organised throughout the regions.

Applied research focuses primarily on non-drug therapies and improving drug prescribing. It is jointly developed with the professionals in the facilities (doctors and caregivers) and reported in scientific publications (scientific articles and communications at conferences).

Our contribution to applied research in the medico-social sector is unique. This is because we have a "field" approach: we involve all the relevant professionals at each stage of our projects, so that their constraints are taken into account. We strive for realistic improvement of the quality of life and care in our facilities for residents and their relatives, and for the care professionals who support them. Our work is also disseminated very widely and benefits all professionals in the sector.

Commitment 2: 5 scientific publications per year

Serge GuerinSerge Guérin, Chair of the Korian Foundation for Ageing Well’s Scientific Committee

Setting up a Foundation is indisputable proof of a company's "responsible" approach. Korian's, unique in its sector, goes particularly far in terms of research and the involvement of its facility staff in its studies.”

In order to contribute to public debate and to move ideas and knowledge ahead, the Foundation conducts scientific research itself or supports programmes that are implemented via partners. The Scientific Committee that I have the honour of chairing pays particular attention to respecting the Foundation's areas of intervention and its desire to carry out work leading to operational progress.

Being aware of our responsibility, when selecting studies we consider the concrete benefits they can bring, particularly in terms of social utility and improving lives. We then oversee the methodologies and ensure their proper implementation so that these studies can be published.

Publishing is proof of the seriousness of the work carried out and opens the door for deploying solutions whose effectiveness has been recognised. Publishing also means sharing new knowledge with the scientific community: researchers can thus broaden their perception of a problem or reinforce a belief, as convergent results accumulate. With its "operational" angle, the Foundation often casts a different light on issues that have already been explored, opening up new perspectives. Above all, the results of the work carried out are disseminated far beyond the circle of researchers: they are made available in open access on its website, where they can benefit as many people as possible.

Commitment 3: A Stakeholder Council in all countries by 2023

Françoise WeberFrançoise Weber, chair of Korian’s Stakeholder Council In France

I was pleased to form this council, the first in this sector, at Korian's request in October 2019. It seems to me particularly necessary that stakeholders’ views are taken into account in the support of the elderly. Because health and well-being are among the most valuable personal and emotional assets for all citizens, the views and perspectives of all those involved are important. This innovative initiative shows the attention that Korian pays to them and its desire to use them to aid progress at all levels.

As an independent council with freedom of speech, engaged in a permanent and constructive dialogue with Korian, our role is to inform the Group's strategic decisions and orientations in France, and to help it act in response to complex issues in the shorter term. Our Council complements the "Social Life Councils" (CVS in French) which already exist on each site, ensuring that similar dialogue takes place at the level of the Group's governance. In practical terms, we answer questions asked by Korian and/or we provide the benefit of our experience and our vision on societal developments, issues and risks, and the needs of all involved. We make sure that our guidance is practical and operational.