Chairwoman Korian Italy

A graduate of the University of Milan (Italy), Mariuccia Rossini is a doctor and surgeon. She has also studied economics and finance.

Mariuccia Rossini began her career in 1982 in the pharmaceutical sector, before working for healthcare service companies.

She created an Italian network of clinics attached to the health system – first for Europe Assistance, and then for Sistemi Sanitari (the Fondiaria group).

In 1990, she took over central operational management of Filo Diretto where she was responsible for coordinating technical and medical assistance at global level. She then served as chairperson for a number of cooperatives set up to provide elderly people with social welfare.

In 1995, she created the Segesta Group, of which she is currently CEO.

In 2007, following Segesta’s takeover by the Korian group, she was appointed Korian’s Executive Vice President Italy until 2019 when she is appointed Chairwoman.