Our strategy



The Korian group’s mission is to care for and accompany the elderly or fragile people and their loved ones, and to contribute to their dignity and quality of life.



Tableau des centenairesInventing a society where people live longer is a global challenge. By 2030, elderly people over 65 will account for almost a quarter of the European population.

At the same time, INSEE predicts that by 2027, there will be more than 2 million more dependent elderly people in France, Italy and Germany than there are today. The number of people with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease will have doubled in 2030. 

It is crucial to find solutions to cope with the strong rise in dependency and chronic diseases.
Technology, medical advances and better training for professionals will help to provide a wider variety of solutions that cater to the needs of each individual. 


Adapted and scalable solutions




Our company project “In Caring Hands”

“In Caring Hands” is our collective commitment, which makes Korian a trusted partner for those who are being cared for and for the carers. It drives us to constantly improve quality, vigilance and innovation in the service of those we support every day.



The values that underpin our work and expertise were defined with our staff in the countries we work in. The permanent association of our values guide our daily actions, every step of the way along the care journey.

Our Values

Trust, initiative and responsibility - these values are inseparable. Creating and maintaining a lasting relationship with customers, clients and employees is based on building a relationship of trust, renewed through the spirit of initiative and sustained by responsible decisions.

To create strong links with fragile people, their relatives and our other stakeholders,we want our values to be reflected through the way we conduct ourselves and to be translated into exemplary attitudes :

- trust is shown in transparency, benevolence and empathy;
- a spirit of initiative is developed through innovation, passion and courage;
- responsibility is exercised through integrity, quality of service, commitment to the environment and the sustainability of our decisions.

Far from being constraints, these values free our capacities for individual action and decision-making. They forge our Korian culture and are the common "passport" to our countries’ activities and professions.



These four values are the driving force behind Korian’s commitment for everyone in our Group to act with integrity and ethics. Each day, our duty is to act fairly, consistently, and with integrity, while complying with the regulations that govern our activities in every country of operation. The Charter determines the reaction of all Korian employees whenever they come up against an issue, to ensure that we provide the very best level of service for our residents and patients in alignment with our ethics and integrity.

Everyone at the Group is encouraged to discuss any ethical concerns they may have with their superiors or the Human Resources department. In addition, Korian has chosen to introduce an alert system which can be used by all Group employees to report any behaviour they consider unacceptable or as going against the ethical principles set out in the Charter.