Our story



Korian was born in France when 4 companies merged (Fingest, Sérience, Réacti-malt and Medidep)
The first training centre was set up at Medica, now known as the Korian Academy.


The Group entered the stock market with the ambition of expanding across Europe.


Acquisitions: Phönix in Germany and Segesta in Italy. 


Introduction of the BEST training programme to promote well-being and safety.


First introduction of the Montessori method and non-medicinal treatments.


Creation of the Korian Institute of Ageing Well.
Korian took over Curanum and became the German market leader.


The Group’s employees chose Korian’s values: Benevolence, Responsibility, Transparency, Initiative.

20142014 - 2015
The Group acquired the Senior Living Group and began operating in Belgium.


Korian acquired 5 HCC (hospital home care) networks in France.


The Korian Academy grew to European scale.
The Group officially adopted the use of non-medicinal treatments.

20162016 - 2017
New operators came on board in Germany (Casa Reha) and Belgium (Foyer de Lork, OTV, Senior Assist), and targeted acquisitions were made in Italy.

The Centenarian Celebration day was introduced in France.
September 2017: creation of the Korian Foundation operating on a European scale.
Korian became the first company in the industry to sign a Quality of Life at Work agreement in France and two equal opportunities charters to promote the inclusion of LGBT people (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans).
The Geriatric Care Passport created by Korian: first certified training course in France.
Ages et Vie partnership in France.