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Better building for better health and well-being
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Better buildings for better health and well-being

“Beyond bricks and cement, «walls» are above all our living space. And the city reflects our societal and demographic changes.

2019 Integrated Report
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Korian publishes its second Annual Report

For the second year in a row, we are publishing an "integrated" report.

Positive care
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Positive Care explained to everyone

In a new booklet, Korian presents, in a precise and illustrative way, all its Positive Care approach and its deployment in France, Germany...

Couverture - Rapport intégré
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Korian #1 Annual Report

For the first time ever, and as the Korian group turns 15 years old, we are publishing our Annual report.

Charte ethique
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Discover the Korian group's Ethics charter

The Korian group is built on four key values derived from its work in serving to the elderly and most vulnerable...