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Journée mondiale Parkinson
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World Parkinson's Day: Support and awareness

The daily mission of our teams is to support all frailties in old age diseases, such as Parkinson's, by responding in a personalized manner.

Collaboratrices Korian
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I am Korian, We are Korian : Meet our female employees on this International Women's Rights Day.

"On this International Women's Rights Day, I reaffirm my personal commitment to relentlessly promote the place of women within our Group and to work so that each of us can fully...

Livre Blanc Fondation Korian
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The Korian Foundation's new white paper "Yes, Seniors Are Helpful!" now available

Accessible to family and professional carers but also to all those interested in the issue of old age, the white paper aims to enhance the social role of people over 65.

Groupe Korian mobilisé, engagé et solidaire
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Corporate Social Responsibility, Korian committed, mobilised and supportive

Korian presents its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments.

Better building for better health and well-being
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Better buildings for better health and well-being

“Beyond bricks and cement, «walls» are above all our living space. And the city reflects our societal and demographic changes.

2019 Integrated Report
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Korian publishes its second Annual Report

For the second year in a row, we are publishing an "integrated" report.

Positive care
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Positive Care explained to everyone

In a new booklet, Korian presents, in a precise and illustrative way, all its Positive Care approach and its deployment in France, Germany...

Couverture - Rapport intégré
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Korian #1 Annual Report

For the first time ever, and as the Korian group turns 15 years old, we are publishing our Annual report.