Our materiality matrix

We conducted our first materiality assessment in 2017, to identify the highest priority social, societal and environmental issues and ensure that our CSR strategy would correspond to stakeholder expectations.

In 2017, twenty external European stakeholders, including investors, non-profit organisations, community representatives, industry experts and professional federations, were interviewed to find out what they expected from Korian in terms of the 25 issues that were presented to them, based on six topics:

  • Ethics and quality of care, patient and resident satisfaction;
  • Employee engagement and well-being in the workplace;
  • Business ethics;
  • Environmental exemplarity;
  • Innovation and new business models;
  • Consideration of local issues.

This initial short-list was then discussed at a group workshop attended by twenty internal stakeholders from all departments (Finance, Marketing, HR, Quality, etc.) to ascertain which issues had the highest impact on Korian’s activities.

This extensive internal and external consultation, combined with risk mapping and prospective analysis of industry issues, enabled us to produce our first materiality matrix. It clearly depicts the CSR issues that need to be addressed by the Group’s CSR strategy in order of priority.

materiality analysis

The 5 topics shown on the materiality matrix correspond to the 5 pillars of our CSR strategy.