Our CSR strategy


A mobilised company with a social conscience

Sophie Boissard« Together with all its stakeholders, Korian wishes to make a positive contribution to the two major challenges of our time: the ageing of the population and the preservation of ecosystems, in line with the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations.
At Korian, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a reality embodied and shared by everyone, every day at all levels of the company, and implemented by our individual and group actions. This is why investing in the skills of the Group's employees, in the quality of care and in our facilities and living spaces is the top priority of our sustainable growth model. ».
Sophie Boissard, Directrice générale
Remi Boyer« As a company with a social vocation entirely dedicated to supporting fragile women and men, we are committed to being their and their relatives' constant trusted partner, and to contributing to their peace of mind and quality of life on a daily basis, whatever their health situation. This translates into 5 areas of focus and 15 commitments, which make each dimension of our corporate project a reality in a concrete and engaging way. Our CSR strategy thus sets our priorities, guides our decisions and is translated into operational action plans, internal policies, and investments too, so that our teams can function as responsible actors in constantly improving conditions ».
Rémi Boyer, Directeur des Ressources Humaines et RSE groupe Korian

A CSR strategy seamlessly integrated into the corporate project

Korian’s CSR strategy breaks down into 5 strategic and operational pillars that are integrated into our “In Caring Hands” corporate project.

Our corporate project, “In Caring Hands”, is what motivates all of us every day to strive towards better quality and care, and more innovative services for those who are entrusted to our care by their families and loved ones. It is a bond of trust sustained by reciprocal commitments: between Korian and the carers, between Korian and those receiving the care, between Korian and its employees, and between Korian and the stakeholders without whom the Group would not have been able to develop and transform itself.

Our mission is to provide care and support to ageing and fragile people and their loved ones, respecting their dignity and contribute to their quality of life.

Underpinned by our values of Trust, Initiative, Responsibility, this purpose forms the basis on which Korian has built its CSR strategy.
These values are embodied on a daily basis by teams that are proud of their profession and highly committed (90% and 75% respectively according to the 2019 "Kommunity" survey conducted with IPSOS among employees in all the countries where the Group is present).

Korian has set itself 15 commitments around 5 pillars:

CSR strategy


Listen to the expectations of a particularly diverse range of stakeholders
In order to define our CSR commitments, we listened to our stakeholders. Our strategy is aligned with everyone's interests.

CSR approach

Make a positive contribution to two United Nations sustainable development goals
Together with all our stakeholders and in consideration of our activities, we wish to make a positive contribution to two United Nations sustainable development goals: to support the demographic transition and to build an ecologically sustainable development model.