Our CSR strategy


CSR seamlessly integrated into Korian’s strategy

The 5 pillars of our CSR strategy nurture Korian’s resolutely socially-focused mission: to create the very best conditions for dependent elderly people to live well and age well.
Our mission is to invent, provide and improve living well and ageing well conditions for dependent seniors by listening and talking to our residents, patients, their families and our staff.
This social mission is underpinned by our values - Benevolence, Responsibility, Initiative and Transparency - and provides the foundation for Korian's CSR strategy, designed in 2017.

After addressing and examining our vision, mission, values and expertise together, we compiled our findings in the Korian house shown below, which sums up our CSR in a nutshell.

Korian has set itself five goals:

  • Heighten our teams’ well-being and expertise
    By ensuring well-being, quality of life at work and equal opportunities for our 49,000 employees in Europe and providing skills training and development across a wide panel of training programmes delivered by the Korian Academy.
  • Enhance the quality of the environment at our facilities
    By effectively reducing the amounts of water and energy used at more than 740 sites, reducing and recycling waste, and making facilities pleasant and welcoming places to live and work.
  • Maintain seniors’ independence and respect their choices
    By adopting an innovative Positive Care approach which allows each person to achieve fulfilment, develop their independence, and enjoy themselves in a kind and friendly environment.
  • Make a positive contribution to Ageing Well
    By supporting research and innovation for care practices through the work of Korian’s Ageing Well Foundation and by embracing digital innovation.


Korian House

  • Facilities that play a key role in the community
    By fostering social and intergenerational relationships, making a social and economic contribution to the local community, and working closely with regional stakeholders.