Long-term care nursing homes

Our long-term care nursing homes provide permanent or temporary care for elderly people who are no longer able to live at home.

Les maisons de retraites médicalisées

Why come to us?

Quality and personalised care provided by qualified multidisciplinary staff
Medical teams, therapists (psychologists, physical and occupational therapists), activity leaders and chefs form multidisciplinary teams that help residents to feel good and age well. Our teams regularly take specially designed training courses to keep their skills up to date.

Pleasant and specially adapted surroundings for a safe environment
We want our homes to be safe, comfortable and a nice place to be. They are designed to provide the safety, care and facilities that elderly people need. We place great importance on engaging social activities and good food, and all our meals are homemade, using seasonal produce.

New homes that embrace the local community
At Korian, we involve our residents, their families, and our outside partners in our plans to open new homes. Every new facility is designed to be integrated into the local community. We team up with nearby healthcare professionals, institutions and volunteer associations, and take into consideration the surveys we conduct among residents and their families.

Using digital technology to serve our residents and our patients
To ensure continuity of care for our residents living in rural areas, in support of or as a follow-up to the care provided by their general practitioner, we have launched an internal telemedecine service in our nursing homes. It is backed by the full expertise of OMEDYS, which joined the Korian group in December 2019.

We are also rolling out innovative digital solutions in our facilities to allow our patients to stay in close contact with their loved ones. The E-Lio box is simple and extremely easy to use. Residents use a television screen to have audio or video calls with their family or friends. It also allows them to receive information that is useful to their daily lives (schedule of events, menus, weather reports, and more). In addition, this solution facilitates communication for the teams working in our facilities. It was developed by Technosens, a technology company in which Korian has acquired a majority stake alongside the VYV group, France's leading specialist in mutual insurance and social protection.

Senior plazaFocus on Belgium - Senior Plaza : so much more than a nursing home.
This prime example of how a town-centre home is designed for seniors and their needs combines a long-term care nursing home, senior housing, specialised care centre (with physiotherapy and treatment pool), and shops and restaurants.




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