At Korian, our local presence is one of our strengths

Our regional approach

Korian facilities are an integral part of the local community. They are open and accessible, and play an important role in many ways, such as contributing to the local economy, strengthening bonds between generations and society in general, and working closely with local authorities.

Korian puts down roots in the local area

Seamless and appropriate care pathways

We work in cooperation with healthcare facilities in the local region, including hospitals, clinics and doctors’ surgeries. Our facilities provide an additional and complementary care offering for the benefit of patients and residents; a seamless care journey, a multidisciplinary offering, fewer and shorter hospital stays, and personalised support to help them regain their independence.

Our medical expertise at every step of the care pathway

We also work closely and develop synergies with local facilities so that we can offer our patients and residents an ever-wider range of activities and services. For example, residents at our long-term care nursing homes can be treated at specially equipped units as outpatients and attend fall prevention workshops at our nearby specialised clinics. 

Clinique SSR Bordeaux
GelteinsFocus – Closer cooperation
We have engaged with public-private sector organisations to conduct initiatives that benefit the local region. An excellent example of this is the unprecedented three-way partnership in France whereby the Korian Gléteins clinic, the Nord-Ouest Villefranche hospital and the Bayère medical centre have joined forces. Its aim: to facilitate the healthcare journey for patients in the health catchment area. Our teams will work closely together and efficiently pool our skills and resources so that Korian can be incorporated into the hospital in 2020.
We aim to create innovative organisations based on a shared medical project, a logical care pathway and a move towards outpatient care, forging closer ties with local doctors’ surgeries and shifting the regional healthcare landscape towards digital solutions.

Korian develops outwardly-focused facilities that bridge generations: closer ties and connections

We know just how important our facilities are to the local community, and we strive to create ties between our residents, our activities and the outside world; ties with the local area that enhance the services and initiatives at our facilities and give our residents a boost. 

At the heart of the town and local life

A University of the Third Age in Lombardy (Italy). With the help of retired professors, five facilities have created this new initiative that offers courses in such subjects as History, Literature and Art, not only to residents and patients, but also to anyone from the local community who wishes to participate.
Cafeterias opened in Germany. Some facilities regularly open up their cafeteria to people from the outside community so that they can share a beverage with residents and patients and discover the quality of the services provided.

Intergenerational encounters 

All the Group’s facilities encourage intergenerational events and socialisation, and develop close ties with local schools and charities to organise outings, workshops, bazaars and other activities.

  • In France, Korian’s Parc des Dames facility in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris, was built with a nursery that can accommodate 30 infants and young children. It is managed by Babilou, the largest private-sector operator of nurseries in France.
  • In Italy, on “Grandparents’ Day”, which is held each year on 2 October, all Korian facilities organise activities to which all local schoolchildren are invited. 
  • In 2017, Korian surveyed 500 elderly people at 40 of the Group’s facilities in Italy in order to commit their memories to paper and publish a storybook, which was widely distributed among local schools and families.

Embracing technological resources

The ABC Digital programme was set up to give high school and university students the chance to come to a Korian long-term care nursing home once a week, for six months, to work on innovative projects to improve the well-being of residents. In 2017, the students taught elderly people how to use a tablet and browse the Internet. This programme will be rolled out across the country in 2018.



Remise de prixFocus - Korian Foundation for Ageing Well awards first prize for intergenerational relationships
In partnership with La Fonda, the Korian Foundation for Ageing Well wanted to dedicate its first prize to the theme of intergenerational relationships in local communities, a significant factor in creating an inclusive society for the elderly. The winner of this prize, the Aveyron Ségala Viaur cultural centre, was awarded a €15,000 grant to fund its project – “an Auditory trip” – which seeks to bring the town’s past to life by delving into the memories of old people and creating sound archives. The cultural centre will have access to the Korian Foundation’s own network and that of its partners in order to pursue its venture on a greater scale.

Contributing to local social and economic growth: Korian is part of the social and economic landscape

Local job creation

We play an active role in the social and economic growth of the towns where our facilities are based. 

Any new sites that we open contribute to the job market and local economy. In France, a long-term care nursing home or a specialised clinic with 100 residents and patients creates about 100 local jobs.

Korian has also taken steps to offer trainee and apprenticeship opportunities to disabled people as part of the disabled employment agreement in France. We do this by partnering with job retraining centres, including those in Montpellier and Mulhouse, which train future nurses and caregivers recognised as workers with disabilities. More than 40 trainees and apprentices have already joined Korian through these partnerships, which will be compounded and expanded under this new agreement. In 2017, Korian also teamed up with the INHNI training centre and CAP Emploi to launch the first intake of Hospital Service Worker apprentices in the Centre region of France.

Apprenticeships, work placements, and continuous education

Throughout Europe, we take on young work experience students from local training centres to help them gain experience in geriatrics and train them on our innovative care practices. In Italy, we help young people enter the job market through initiatives such as our partnership with the Psychology Master’s course at the University of Pavia, which has been running for the last six years, paving the way for graduates to be employed at our facilities. 

Partnerships with local voluntary organisations 

In partnership with organisations that work hard to promote equal opportunities - Unis-cité and United Way to name just two - we often host young people at our facilities. The aim: to give them insight into the world of work and ageing well professions in order to broaden their horizons and widen their job prospects.