A single aim: to further research and its application in the field of ageing well 

Leverage the potential of digital and technological solutions to improve well-being among the elderly

Technology contributes to better treatment and better quality service, for the benefit of residents, patients, their families and our employees. 

  • In Germany, the “Dementia Tablet PC” comes with features and activities, including films, games and activities, specially designed for people with dementia and cognitive disorders.
  • In Italy, the Ristocloud platform lets residents choose their own menu and provides details about what the meals contain. The Equipe program, which is currently being introduced, allows staff to schedule, view and record all the care procedures performed for each resident. The benefits are considerable:  time saved,  more traceability and improved quality of our services.

Another initiative worth mentioning: one of our long-term care nursing homes has been reconverted into an assisted living facility with 40 apartments. This LEED-certified building uses innovative and sustainable materials and up-to-the-minute technology, like motion sensors, so that residents can keep their independence while enjoying the safety and services of the adjacent nursing home.

  • In France, we teamed up with tech start-up Familéo to design our own social media platform: “Korian Générations,” now used at all our facilities in France. Family members and friends can use it to share messages and photos via their smartphone, and elderly people can view them in the form of a gazette. Similarly, Korian Générations can also be used to send messages to the families. More than 100,000 messages have already been sent since the app was introduced.

Positioned amid innovators and partners to accelerate innovation

  • With the Korian Innovation Hub
    In France, the Korian Innovation Hub includes start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses and industry giants from the silver economy and ageing sector. Projects are selected during a review process, tested out and potentially deployed. Find out more here:
  • Testing and assessing new multifunctional equipment developed by start-ups
    Robotic equipment, such as the intuitive robot Hunova or virtual caregiver Movecare,  is being tested in Italy, while the concept of using a weightless environment or virtual reality for rehabilitation exercises opens up a whole new world of possibilities. By combining physical and cognitive rehabilitation with a fun slant, these innovations can help to get patients on board with rehabilitation programmes.

Fast-tracking scientific research into solutions to help our patients and residents 

Our facilities serve as a testing ground for research programmes for our win-win partnerships, such as : Korian’s Les Granges clinic in France works closely with Grenoble CEA on the European research programme Activage, which deploys smart solutions to enhance seniors’ independence and ensure a smoother return to their home after a hospital stay, using features such as remote monitoring and social contact. 

Using scientific mediation to spread expertise   

In France, Médecin Ambassadeur Régional is a network of “ambassador doctors” that are active in the Korian medical community at a local level and help to identify and share medical skills and expertise among their local ecosystem: regional health authorities, departmental councils, university hospitals, voluntary organisations, etc.

The Korian Foundation for Ageing Well, Korian’s innovation lab

The raison d’être of the Korian Foundation for Ageing Well is to defend elderly people’s right to feel useful, regardless of their health, age or family circumstances.
The Foundation is an innovation laboratory, with funding of €2 million a year, and is a valuable vector for our research partners. It enables us to 1) bring together everyone involved in the industry, and 2) to trial at our facilities new approaches, which cater more closely to the wants and needs of the people we serve.
The Foundation has a resolutely outward focus on its environment and ecosystem, and communicates its studies and work on ageing during debates and round tables that are streamed live on Facebook.