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Korian Germany

Nursing homes : 184
Facilities with Assisted Living : 49


In Germany, Korian ranks first place in the field of long-term care nursing homes, some of which include small special care units, chronic vegetative-state facilities, or units to treat the symptoms of dependence and addiction. The Group has broadened its palette of solutions with the expansion of assisted living facilities annexed to long-term care nursing homes and home nursing or outpatient services provided at assisted living facilities.



Marc-Alexander Burmeister, Directeur Général Allemagne 

Solutions that benefit our patients and residents 

„Am Kavierlein Fürth“, a multicare centre for seniors
The Kavierlein care centre centralises hospital care, assisted living facilities and day treatments all under one roof. It means that patients of all ages can receive appropriate treatment, choose the most suitable care, and ensure continuity in the supervision of patients all in the same place. This centre is located at the heart of the local healthcare resources and can cater for 155 hospital patients, 36 assisted living facility residents and 18 outpatients.

Ursulahof in Oberursel, a flagship project to treat new pathologies
The Ursulahof home provides a new approach for treating people with chronic mental illness and loss of independence. This highly innovative care model requires teams to be dedicated and shoulder a high level of responsibility to take a holistic approach to the care and support they provide. The daily routine at the home revolves around a wide range of activities on offer to residents, which are conducive to creating and nurturing relationships and sharing special times together. The home’s ethos is that life is still full of joy, even with several illnesses! 

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