Key performance indicators

We keep a close eye on our key extra-financial performance indicators in order to demonstrate the results we achieve and the shared value that we create.
Our social mission and our CSR commitments involve all Korian employees and departments. We have put in place a European network of CSR officers who regularly monitor and oversee the performance of the Group’s extra-financial indicators and ensure that best practices are shared and harmonised across countries.

Our indicators at the end of 2017

Heighten our teams’ well-being and expertise 

Quality of life in the workplace

  • 77% of employees engaged (+9 points vs 2015)
  • 94% of employees are proud of their work
  • 83% of employees say they have a good work-life balance (+ 9 points vs 2015)
    (Source: in-house social barometer 2017)
  • More than 2,300 action plans to improve quality of life at work in 2018


  • More than 600,000 hours of training per year in Europe
  • 75% of employees trained in Europe - 100% employees trained by 2020
  • 5,000 employees enrolled on the Geriatric Care Passport programme in France


  • 82% of women in Europe
  • + 120 nationalities
  • 1,522 disabled worker FTEs in Europe in 2017, 30% higher than in 2016.
    (FTE: Full Time Equivalent)

Enhance the quality of the environment at our facilities

  • -4.7% of gas used
  • -7.7% of electricity used
    (MwH per number of beds vs 2016 in Europe)

Maintaining seniors’ independence and freedom of action

  • Positive Care rolled out at 100% of our facilities in France by 2020
  • Overall level of satisfaction in 2017: 68% in nursing homes, 80% in clinics

Make a positive contribution to Ageing Well

Korian Foundation

  • 156 facilities and 820 employees involved in Korian Foundation research projects since 2013 in France
  • 44 scientific publications shared by the Korian Foundation since 2013
  • 2,261 participants at Korian Foundation debates and round tables since September 2017
  • 3,636 connections to the Korian Foundation Facebook Live
  • 4,000 subscribers to the Korian Foundation newsletter

Digital innovation

  • Korian Générations app used in 100% of our facilities in France
  • 1 million connections and more than 100,000 messages sent since Korian Générations was introduced in March 2017.

Facilities that play a key role in the community

  • 100% of our nursing homes have a partnership with a local school
  • Number of non-relocatable jobs created when a 100-bed facility is opened: 90 in nursing homes, 121 in clinics
  • Food purchases of French origin: 73%
    - 100% of dairy products, poultry and pork
    - 98% of bakers selected are local small businesses
    - 97% of local distribution
    (Source Sodexo in France 2017)

To fully embed CSR into Korian’s strategy, these indicators are updated every quarter by the European governing bodies already in place for each department, and annually by Korian’s General Management.