Key performance indicators

We keep a close eye on our key extra-financial performance indicators in order to demonstrate the results we achieve and the shared value that we create.
Our social mission and our CSR commitments involve all Korian employees and departments. We have put in place a European network of CSR officers who regularly monitor and oversee the performance of the Group’s extra-financial indicators and ensure that best practices are shared and harmonised across countries.


Pillar 1 : Be the employeur for choice

Commitment 1

Positive Care Rolled out in 100% of our facilities by 2023.

Commitment 2

100% of facilities ISO 9001 certified by 2023.

Commitment 3

One mediator per country with a charter of reciprocal commitments in all facilities by 2023.

Pillar 2: Contribute to finding innovative solutions for more inclusive society

Commitment 4

Maintain or improve employees’ average length of service, currently 6.7 years.

Commitment 5

8% of employees on a training programme leading to qualification by 2023.

Commitment 6

10% of women in Top Management to reach 50% by 2023.

Pillar 3: A positive contribution to the longevity society

Commitment 7

Dedicate 1% of the Group's net profit to financing philanthropic actions.

Commitment 8

5 scientific publications per year.

Commitment 9

A Stakeholder Council in all countries by 2023.

Pillar 4: Be a committed and responsible local partner

Commitment 10

70% of purchases made in one of the Group's countries, including 20% from SMEs.

Commitment 11

100% of sites involved in an association- or community-based project by 2023.

Commitment 12

Local Community & Family Committees in 100% of facilities by 2023.

Pillar 5: Reduce our environmental footprint

Commitment 13

A 3% reduction in energy consumption in 2020.

Commitment 14

A 5% reduction in the volume of waste generated by 2023.

Commitment 15

100% of new buildings HEQ* certified or equivalent by 2020.