Home care services

Our 39 home care services include hospital home care (HHC) facilities and home nursing services (HNS). Caring for patients at home in familiar surroundings helps to keep them independent.

Why use these services?

Hospital home care makes hospital stays shorter and can even prevent them altogether. This approach is a great way to provide specialised care techniques in a safe setting at the patient’s home after a complex medical treatment or surgical procedure, or if requested by their GP or consultant. Hospital home care is delivered on prescription and coordinated by a doctor, offering patients comprehensive and coordinated care conducted by a multidisciplinary team of salaried and self-employed healthcare professionals. It is provided as part of comprehensive, palliative and oncology care pathways. 


ClinidomKorian acquires CliniDom, hospital home care network specialised in oncology.
Created in 2006, CliniDom is a major driver behind the shift towards outpatient care in France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This hospital home care network is part of the regional oncology care offering, in partnership with the Auvergne centre for the fight against cancer, Centre Jean Perrin, and Clermont Ferrand University Hospital. CliniDom is dedicated to providing patients with palliative care. 

Home nursing services are provided by nurses and caregivers who help to treat patients and monitor their condition. They also assist patients with hygiene and movement and make sure they suffer as little as possible. 

OTV, leading home care provider in Flanders
In 2017, Korian rounded off its nursing home care services for all the family by partnering with OTV in Belgium. OTV provides care services for the whole family, from newborns to the elderly, for people of all ages who are in poor health for a short or long period.

Our partnership approach

Our home care services work in partnership with long-term care nursing homes and healthcare facilities (hospitals and specialised clinics), healthcare networks, home-help organisations and various self-employed professionals.

Helping the helpers: a personalised approach 

Why ?
There are an estimated 900,000 carers in Belgium, between 8 and 11 million in France and 3 to 5 million in Germany; while in Italy, 22.4% of women under 65 and 2.9% of working men leave their job to care for a family member. Although they play a key role in caring for sick and elderly family members, providing emotional and psychological support and vital material assistance, the helpers, too, need help. In the Handicap Health survey conducted by INSEE in France in 2008, 83% of carers said they felt burdened and alone, and 75% felt anxious, stressed or overworked.
Because we understand the crucial nature of this matter, we care deeply about finding solutions for carers. We do this by arranging short stays at a nursing home, providing day care, memory consultations or referrals to specialist practitioners.
Above all though, we make it a priority to include families in the day-to-day lives of our patients and residents and facilitate and encourage occasions that help to preserve and strengthen family bonds.

How ? By offering help and solutions tailored to each situation
Solutions for carers: a friendly ear and a helping hand At Korian, our psychologists and teams are always happy to chat with family carers, explain things and teach them about caregiving skills. We regularly hold Carer’s cafés or Alzheimer cafés at our facilities to answer families’ questions and concerns.
By giving carers the opportunity to arrange for their relatives to spend a short stay at our facilities, Korian provides much-needed respite solutions to save carers from exhaustion and allow them to recharge their batteries.
Our facilities also cater for couples so they can continue to live together in a long-term care nursing home or while staying at a post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic.
For those who need to stay at our facilities a little bit longer, continuous communication with their carers is particularly useful and helps residents to settle in more easily.