Home care, support and hospitalization services

Accompagnement et soins à domicile


Korian offers a diversified range of home care, support, and hospitalization services.


Home Services

These services are intended for people who wish and can live in their own homes. They can be useful, in particular, after post-acute and rehabilitation care in clinics, or after a respite period in nursing homes.

These services include assistance with getting up, going to bed and washing, meal assistance, household help, and administrative assistance. They are offered by qualified life assistants with at least three years' experience.


Petits-fils, a national network of home care agencies for elderly individuals


In 2018 Korian accelerated its expansion of home services with the purchase of the Petits-fils network, which is renowned for the high quality of its senior care services (assisted living, assistance with meals, housekeeping services, and more). Services are provided by qualified care assistants with significant experience in their field.

While Petit-fils operates mainly in cities with a population of more than 100,000, it has tripled in size over the past two years and had 162 agencies at the end of 2020. Plans are under way to broaden its network to include 300 agencies by 2025, mainly by expanding into medium-sized cities.



Read more : www.petits-fils.com

Oriane, a comprehensive solution for home care services

Logo Oriane

In September 2019, Korian launched Oriane, which offers, under one brand, a range of home care services to simplify the lives of people assisted and their families.

This global and digital offer, unique in its kind on the market, rethinks the home help service in France, with a focus on the journey.


Oriane orchestrates four types of complementary services: daily assistance, health monitoring, home security and à la carte services, all tailored to the needs of isolated and vulnerable people.

The services are coordinated on a daily basis by a single contact person. The information relating to the services and care pathways of each person are centralized in a secure space, permanently accessible and shared with all people involved (relatives, health professionals, life support workers) according to the wishes of the person being cared for.


Read more : Oriane.fr

Medical support at home


Hospital home care

Hospital home care (HHC) is designed to shorten or even avoid hospital stays.

It offers medical and paramedical care - continuous, coordinated, intensive, technical or complex – that cannot be provided by self-employed healthcare professionals. It ‘sets up’ hospital equipment and services in the patient’s home, for greater comfort and peace of mind.

The platform provides comprehensive hospital care, with a particular focus on oncology and palliative care.

Hospital home care brings together and coordinates a multidisciplinary medical team composed of a coordinating doctor, nurses, physiotherapists, a psychologist and a dietician, together with a social worker.

It can be offered in urban and rural settings provided that the home meets hygiene requirements and has enough space to install the equipment. It can also be provided in senior residences, long-term care nursing homes or specialized care homes.

In France, Inicea manages eight hospital home care and three home nursing care networks.

Home Nursing Services (HNS)

Home nursing care is provided by nurses who are involved in the treatment and monitoring of patients' conditions. They also contribute to the care and life of patients by contributing to their hygiene, mobility and comfort, among other things.

Korian Home Care, leading home care provider in Flanders 

In 2017, Korian rounded off its nursing home care services for all the family by partnering with OTV in Belgium. Since September 2021, OTV changed its name to Korian Home Care.

Korian Home Care provides care services for the whole family, from newborns to the elderly, for people of all ages who are in poor health for a short or long period.

Korian's support and home care services work in partnership with medical and social institutions (nursing homes) and health facilities (hospitals and specialized clinics), health networks, home help associations and various professionals in the sector.

Inicea: home nursing services (HNS) grounded in benevolence and respect

Inicea offers patients home support services providing continuity of care and personalised follow-up over the short or long term. Inicea’s offering of home nursing services, a strictly regulated activity, is managed by a multidisciplinary team (nurses, nursing aids, physiotherapists, geriatric specialists, etc.), with three centres in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Korian is also active in home support and care in Germany and Belgium.