General Management Committee

Country Business Units Heads

Mariuccia  Rossini, Directrice Generale Italie
Chairwoman Korian Italy
Group Chief International Developer Officer
Directeur du Développement International
Charles-Antoine Pinel, Directeur Général des nouvelles activités et stratégie d’offre pour l’Europe
Chief Strategic Marketing Officer and new services development

Group's functional divisions Heads

Didier Armaingaud, Directeur Médical, Ethique et Qualité Groupe
Group Chief Medical, Ethics & Quality-of-Service Officer
Frédéric Durousseau Directeur Immobilier et Développement Groupe
Group Chief Real Estate & Development Officer
Jean Marc Plantade
Jean Marc
Group Communications Director
Anne-Charlotte Dymny
Group Chief Transformation Officer and Executive Secretary of the Group Management Board

The board of directors

The Group is administered by a Board of Directors composed of 11 members, chaired by Jean-Pierre Duprieu. Four committees provide information for the Board's debates and submit their proposals to the Board: the Audit Committee, the Compensation and Appointments Committee, the Investment Committee and the Ethics, Quality and CSR Committee.

Holding Malakoff Humanis
Director (represented by Anne Ramon)
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Malak Tazi is General Counsel 

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Four special Committees have been set up within the Board of Directors :

The Audit Committee

chaired by Catherine Soubie

The Compensation and Appointments Committee

chaired by Anne Lalou

The Investment Committee

chaired by Predica (represented by Françoise Debrus)

The Ethics, Quality and CSR Committee

chaired by Holding Malakoff Humanis (represented by Anne Ramon)

The Board of Directors has adopted Internal Regulations which set out and specify, in addition to the statutory provisions as well as all legal and regulatory provisions in force, its organisational and operating procedures. They also set out the rights and obligations of all members of the Board.

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