Everyone plays a part in our CSR policy



To implement our sustainable development strategy and to make a positive contribution to the longevity society, we have set up structured governance at all levels.

The Board of Directors extended the scope of the Ethics and Quality Committee to include CSR, thus creating the Ethics, Quality and CSR Committee. On the Group Management Board, the Group’s Human Resources Director is in charge of steering the CSR policy with the heads of the various business lines and the Group’s functional officers (Chief Financial Officer, Chief Real Estate and Development Officer, Chief Medical, Ethics and Quality Officer, Chief Communication Officer, Group Purchasing Director) in order to ensure that all levels of the Group are mobilised, in particular the facilities, which also maintain close ties with the various local players.

Regular reports are provided at the bimonthly meetings of the Group Management Board. The CSR commitments form part of each business line’s annual objectives and are applied throughout the management line and in the long-term performance action plan assigned to the Top 100. On this basis, the Group contributes to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A correlation table between the Group's 15 ESG commitments and the Global Compact SDGs is shown below.