With life expectancy increasing, our society is undergoing a profound change. Society as a whole must consider the needs of very elderly people and ways to support them with the long-term treatment of chronic illnesses and dealing with dependency. 

As a social interest entreprise, Korian is fully aware of its responsibilities in this respect, and, through the Korian Foundation for Ageing Well, it continues to uphold the commitment undertaken three years ago with the Ageing Well Institute. 

A Foundation that strives to ensure social inclusion and enhance social relations 

The Foundation develops unifying projects that contribute to the social inclusion of elderly people and support social relations involving elders, careers, and care professionals. 

It also conducts societal studies and applied research that helps individuals to be recognised as stakeholders in society, regardless of their age, family circumstances, or health. 
This research is carried out by health and human sciences researches, elder care professionals and geriatricians, as well as journalists, designers, and non-profit organisation leaders. 

The role of the Foundation

To this end, backed by a Scientific Committee chaired by sociologist Serge Guérin, the Korian Foundation will focus on the following lines of action : 

            • Inclusion through social value 

            • Inclusion through the development of autonomy

            • Inclusion through solidarity 

            • Inclusion through sport 

Scope of intervention : 

           - Applied research programmes 

           - Societal studies

           - Support for innovative initiatives led by local stakeholders

           - Skills patronage benefiting non-profit associations relevant to the Foundation's commitments. 

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