Our  Commitments 

To provide high-quality support for elderly people at every stage of their life to help them Age Well.

Quality and certification

Placing quality and ethics at the centre of our support.

  • Taking care of every customer

    The residents and patients we care for and their families have a real need for someone to listen, provide empathy, kindness and transparency. This is why our approach combines a high-quality provision in terms of medical treatment and expertise with a profoundly human, ethical and well-meaning approach. In all our facilities, resident and patient support is provided while respecting the person, his or her dignity and desires.


  • Place ethics at the centre of our practices

    Ethics are an intrinsic part of our company culture and values. Moreover, in every country we have deployed specific tools to ensure that ethics remain a daily reality: ethics committees, team training, code of ethics, etc.

  • Be available to customers

    A procedure for following up on complaints and claims is implemented in every country. In France, for example, the Ecout’client unit ensures that all claims and complaints sent to head office are processed and the facilities are helped in dealing with them. Annual quality reviews of medical and care services are performed regularly in Germany. In Italy, each claim is analysed by both the director of the facility and head office. In 2015, the Group will establish an annual customer satisfaction survey in its four countries in order to obtain comparable results from one country to another, based on a single tool. 

  • Monitor the quality of our facilities

    Our activity is strictly governed by laws and regulations. The renewal of our operating authorisations year after year demonstrates the high level of safety and quality provided in all our facilities.

    We have defined a quality policy at Group level to take into account the risks of our activity. This procedure combines elements related to local regulations in each country as well as our own quality standards and includes internal and external controls. Therefore, each country has its own organisation dedicated to controlling, and providing support and help for the facilities with respect to quality, through teams of experts in the field. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Korian is commited to adopt a responsible behaviour towards its teams, society and the environment.