Long-term care nursing homes, post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics, assisted living facilities and home care services: our segmented, complementary offer enables us to provide support for the elderly at every stage of their life, according to their age, state of health and needs. In each of our professions, our trademark ensures the same high quality and medical excellence.

Long-term care nursing homes

Reassuring, friendly surroundings, adapted to the different needs and expectations of our customers.

More than 600 NURSING HOMES

in France, Germany, Italy and Belgium

Providing support for elderly dependent people...

Increasing life expectancy raises major societal challenges. Elderly people move into nursing homes later than before. At the same time, helpers - spouses, relatives, children - are less available. These developments increase the need for professional support in long-term care nursing homes. our long-term care nursing homes.

We have supported the elderly in our long-term care nursing homes for decades. The quality of services, availability of our teams and the excellent medical support make them places for well-being and safety adapted to everyone's needs.

Post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics

Helping patients regain their independence.

85 clinics

Our medical expertise is


To help patients restore their autonomy...

Following hospitalisation or a pathology, some patients need to stay in a post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic providing medical follow-up before they return home. Our patients are mainly elderly people suffering from multiple pathologies requiring geriatric expertise or a rehabilitation programme.

… in our post-acute and rehabilitation care clinics.

In our clinics we help our patients to improve their health and restore their autonomy, in order to facilitate their return home. Every patient has personalised therapeutic support based on his/her medical needs and rhythm. Our clinics are recognised for the excellence of their rehabilitation and re-education methods.

Assisted living facilities

Offering autonomous elderly people a living environment adapted to their daily activities and encouraging an active social life.

About 60 Assisted living facilities

Meeting the need for independence of active elderly people...

Elderly persons who are still active and in good health have very precise needs. When they can no longer stay at home, they look for a living environment which will provide them with safety and peace, while preserving their privacy. It is essential to develop offers which take these new life choices into account. our Assisted living facilities.

Our Assisted living facilities meet the need for the independence and safety of elderly people in good health. They offer apartments equipped to make everyday life easier, while preventing potentially risky situations. They offer appropriate services nearby, such as catering and entertainment, thus encouraging an active social life.

Home care

Providing professional support at home for the elderly.

39 health networks

Providing professional support at home...

The elderly hope to stay at home for as long as possible. More and more of them prefer to have professional help at home. This solution ensures the continuity of care following hospitalisation, in the reassuring safety of their own home.

...through our home care.

Our Ageing Well expertise and medical vigilance give us a genuine legitimacy in the professional home care segment. In France, we offer a hospital home care service. In the countries where we operate, we offer care services (hospital and nursing) at home.