Working FOR Korian

To work for Korian, is to join a Group working in a useful, deeply human and meaningful profession, known for its strong values.

                                               Coordinator Doctor

I've been a caregiver for 12 years. It's a good job with a strong human component I appreciate. I like looking after elderly people, listening to them and bringing them a little happiness through an action, a smile or particular attention. I feel that I have fulfilled my mission when a resident shares his/her memories with me and confides in me.

Clara, Caregiver

  • Providing support for elderly people and patients on a daily basis...

    Our work requires unique know-how and also a human investment, a special relational approach and a real sense of commitment.

  • Korian counts on its 49,000 Group employees in Europe day after day...

    They ensure the well-being of each of its residents and patients. To help them fulfil this mission optimally, we provide them with support in the form of a dynamic and federative human resources policy.


Carry out passionate and committed professions 

Our Group offers a wide variety of professions. 

Rich and exciting professions in which you can experience a unique human adventure.

Doctor, facility director, nurse, cook, care assistant, activity leader, caregiver, speech therapist, management controller, human resources manager, etc.

We need a wide range of expertise to provide high-quality support for our residents and patients.

Care team in nursing homes
Clinic nursing sector
Accommodation sector
Administrative sector

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I'm a nursing home director. My role is key because the way I manage and bring my teams together directly affects the quality of their work and the satisfaction of our customers. I am very proud of my job, because it is both useful and has a human quality, with considerable responsibility. I enjoy being able to improve the daily lives of my teams and the people staying here.

Hervé, Facility director