Korian employees all share the same culture: the Korian spirit.
Representing the Group's identity and specificities, this state of mind is based on 4 values.

  • Benevolence
    Making consideration for others a cornerstone of our work

    Being benevolent includes treating our residents and patients with kindness, personal attention, a smile, a special word on their birthday, taking the time to listen and provide reassurance. It also means respecting our customers' privacy, giving them personalised care in accordance with their preferences and guaranteeing the confidentiality of our relations.

  • Responsibility
    Working together to ensure our residents and patients Age Well

    Ensuring customer safety, preventing risky situations, informing families: this is the Korian spirit of responsibility. It also means considering each customer as a unique person, with his/her own story, preferences and abilities. Our teams take care to put every resident or patient at the heart of their actions.

  • Transparency
    Developing trust by being honest and open

    Our teams are available to residents, patients and their families, to provide them with information and improve their understanding of our practices and how our facilities work. Our spirit of transparency is also reflected in the procedure used at the Korian Institute for Ageing Well, association whose creation the Group took part in, and which makes all its research available to all so that everyone can learn more about elderly people and make it easier to implement new best practices.

  • Initiative
    Developing each person's capabilities

    To improve the support we provide to our residents and patients, our teams are constantly looking for ways to improve through self-monitoring, discussion and optimisation. It is this capacity for initiative and our open-minded approach which help us innovate and improve the way we meet our customers' needs.