Employee training

We support our teams to ensure their professional well-being throughout their career with the Group: integration, training, career development.

Korian is a fast-growing Group in a fast-changing sector. This Group clearly tries to move the lines and improve professional practices in the sector. Nothing is fixed, everything is possible. Working for Korian is very enriching, both from a human and a professional point of view.

Marie-Hélène, Manager

We offer a training programme appropriate to the different requirements of our teams. Our objective: to strengthen their skills, motivate them and ensure awareness of the developments in professional practices in the sector. 

Our in-house training centres

In each country, Korian has its own training institutes.

They have dual objectives: provide technical expertise about know-how, to meet the specific requirements of our sector and improve the behavioural skills on know-how, to ensure the best relational exchanges with all our residents and patients.

All employees are elligibles, no matter what their position or their mission. 

For example, our German subsidiary has a dedicated training centre: the Akademie.

This academy has offered a qualification programme for apprenticeships since 2013, to support its junior employees. There are 800 apprentices in the German subsidiary.

At the same time, Germany has introduced a programme with the help of an external teaching institute. In 2014, this programme offered 40 training courses in three fields: care services, manager development and employee development. 15% of the employees took these courses.

Generally speaking, in 2014, 406,513 hours of professional training were provided in France, 23,187 in Italy and 30,855 in Belgium (information not available for Germany).

Korian facility-schools

Securing team loyalty depends on successful integration.

This is the spirit in which we created the Korian START facility-schools in France. Operational since 2015, they provide new directors and managers with solid field experience as well as their initial training.

The objective: to soak up Korian culture and values, become familiar with the Group's professional practices and create a network in the region.

Career development

Secure team loyalty and motivation

Career development is a key part of gaining team loyalty.

Throughout their professional careers, our employees can evolve using our internal mobility and professionalisation systems. 

In 2014, in France, nearly 60% of the new facilities' directors recruited were from the internal mobility system.

You want a new job? To move to a different town? Our  presence in many towns in each country provides multiple opportunities for national mobility. In France for example, we send flash mobility messages to directors and facility management committees to encourage geographic mobility, mobility between sectors and transverse mobility. 

We also offer routes to qualification for managers to help them evolve towards positions such as directors, nurse coordinators, accommodation managers. In France, our employees in other professions can obtain validation of the experience acquired (VEA). This path concerns about 400 employees per year.

Promote well-being at work

In 2013, we held our first social barometer in France to measure employee satisfaction.

Named "Kommunity", this barometer notably revealed that teams were very proud of their professions, privileged relationships with clients and a respect relative to diversity. In 2015, it will be extended to all of the Group's countries. 

Promote diversity

Convinced that diversity is a measure of progress, we place respect and consideration at the centre of our practices.

Proof of its exemplary practices, in 2016 Korian was classified 12th in the ranking of companies with the most women in its management bodies. This list classifies the leading 120 French companies in terms of professional equality between men and women. 

We also apply a proactive disability policy, with solid objectives for recruiting, training and supporting people with disabilities.