Shared housing for seniors: 6 houses and 40 jobs in Meurthe-et-Moselle by 2021

On 6 December, the Meurthe-et-Moselle Departemental Council signed an order authorising the launch of the Ages&Vie service, a specialist in co-location between seniors, a subsidiary of the Korian group, at the Hôtel du Département in Nancy.

These first six shared housing projects, which are inclusive and intergenerational, will accommodate about 100 roommates and create about 40 direct jobs. The houses will be built in the municipalities of Baccarat, Badonviller, Cirey-sur-Vezouze, Dieulouard, Domgermain and Valleroy. About twenty other municipalities in the department are also interested in hosting this type of hebergement. This would correspond, by 2023, to an additional capacity of 320 roomates and the creation of 120 jobs.

"With Ages&Vie, Korian group provides seniors with multiple solutions adapted to their needs and expectations. Korian partnered with Ages&Vie, to enable its development throughout the country. We share common values and we are pleased that this association has helped to win the trust of new partners, first and foremost the Meurthe-et-Moselle Departmental Council. "says Charles-Antoine Pinel, Managing Director France Seniors at Korian group.

"Allowing the development of inclusive housing such as Ages&Vie is an answer that we must provide for the elderly, active actors in our territories," says Mathieu Klein, President of the Meurthe- et- Moselle Departmental Committee.

Mathieu Klein Ages&Vie Korian

Colocation between seniors is an innovative solution for non-medical accommodation and support for people who no longer wish to live alone at home or who can no longer do so. Each Ages&Vie home offers an adapted and secure living environment for eight people with a loss of autonomy. The flatmates have their own studio and a common lounge/dining room, open to a contemporary kitchen, where meals and moments of conviviality are prepared and shared. A shared flat is composed of two semi-detached houses, each of which extends over 400m2 on the ground, on a 3,000m2 plot.

Six full-time nurses provide a service to help and accompany the elderly, according to their needs. Some of them have a functional housing unit located above the house, with their possible family, thus creating an intergenerational environment.

This partnership was made possible on the basis of convergence on two important points:

1. Access will be possible for disabled people;

2. Ages&Vie's commitment to provide access to their services for modest incomes families.